LINK Staffing Services


LINK provides staffing and productivity solutions.

Who is LINK?
LINK Staffing Services provides clients with staffing and productivity solutions. Personnel we supply range from skilled crafts and trades, to light industrial, semi-skilled, and general labor.

Why Do Our Clients Use Us?
LINK Staffing Services allows companies to focus on building their core business while we provide the staff they need to get their jobs done.

1. Flexibility and access to a larger workforce for long or short-term assignments 2. Cost control 3. Reduction of the responsibility and risk of hiring employees 4. Increased morale of regular full-time staff 5. Reduction of administrative workload

LINK Staffing Services supplies our clients with the quality of employees they would like to hire with the advantage of being there when they need them and gone when they don?t.

We take great pride in the core values of the company and our team, which translates into pride in workmanship and the delivery of a superior workforce to the customer.