Lift and Shift UK


Heavy Lifting and Manual Handling service.Call Lift and Shift uk today for immediate response...

Lift and Shift UK specialise in providing a Courier and Light Haulage Service. The services that we offer include; Heavy lifting, Specialist Handling, Manual Handling (including Powered Stair Climbing) and a Stair Walking Service.

Weight Lifting Capabilities:
Special Handling: up to 5000 kilo?s
Stair Walking Service: up to 700 kilo?s
Manual Handling: up to 100 kilo?s

All our staff are trained to the highest standards, and are experienced in moving awkward and/or heavy items. We use specialist lifting equipment, allowing us to move items (for example filling cabinets, domestic appliances, vending machines, IT equipment, refrigeration & air conditioning units and cookers) up or down stairs.

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