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KOZ Products is a company that specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of new and innovative cable clamps. Since 1998 KOZ Products has grown steadily and its cable clamps are now used throughout the world.
Cable cleats and clamps for high short-circuit currents
KOZ cable cleats and clamps are designed and manufactured to meet the highest possible requirements, and to withstand high short-circuit currents. Therefore, they are perfect for use at locations where short-circuit-proof features are preferable.
Tailor-made cable cleats and clamps
In recent years, KOZ has specialised in making cable cleats and clamps according to the client’s specification. If you need a special kind of cable cleat or clamp that is not available on the market, KOZ can make it especially for you.
Single and multi-conductor cable clamps and cleats
KOZ cable clamps and cleats are suitable for the fastening of all types of single and multi-conductor cables.
Cable clamp and cleat materials
KOZ cable clamps and cleats are available in polyamide, fiberglass-reinforced, black, flame resistant, free of halogens and fully recyclable materials.
High-strength cable clamps
All KOZ clamps are tested for mechanical strength by KEMA Netherlands, and KEMA test reports are available. KOZ cable clamps are distinguished from other brands by their high mechanical strength. Tests have shown that KOZ cable clamps have a mechanical strength from 15,000N up to 70,000N.
The maximum temperature for the cable clamps is 120°C (continuous) and 220°C (short-time). No mechanical loss of strength will occur in the cable clamps within a temperature range of -40°C up to +135°C.
High-safety cable clamps
KOZ cable clamps are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed. UL is responsible for the worldwide random control of KOZ cable clamps. These controls are carried out unexpectedly about four times a year, on products taken straight from the production line, to enable KOZ to continue to guarantee a high level of reliability.
KOZ cable clamps have a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays, salt water, ozone, oils, fuels, alkalis and radioactive rays. The high-safety level of KOZ cable clamps has been confirmed for many years at home and abroad.
Cable clamps with stainless-steel fastening materials
KOZ cable clamps can be supplied from stock with stainless-steel fastening materials (in our standard lengths). This means you get all the necessary fastening materials at once, at your chosen workplace.
You won’t find all our cable clamps on our website. For the latest developments and information, please contact KOZ by mail or phone.

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