Kovar is a Europe-based company that produces create-your-own containers according to the wishes of clients. Starting with the setting of container dimensions (from small boxes up to 16m by 3.5m by 3.5m), clients can then decide on any other design features and equipment needed, as well as the painting procedure to be followed. Offshore containers Kovar's offshore containers are designed and manufactured to customer requirements and are used mainly on oil and gas rigs. Made in accordance with EN 12079 or DNV 2.7-1, the whole production process and compliance with strict technological procedures are supervised by recognised certification authorities Lloyd's and DNV. Container documentation includes a material list that ensures traceability of all used materials, records from ultrasonic, magnetic and visual testing, measuring records, prototype and loading tests records, painting protocols and a final construction certificate issued by the certification authority. The whole administrative processing is carried out by Kovar. CSC-certified ISO containers For 20ft, 40ft or 45ft ISO containers, Kovar is able to secure CSC certification in compliance with the ISO 668 and ISO 1496 standard. This certification enables customers to ship the containers in stacks together with standard sea containers, substantially reducing transport costs. CSC certification is relatively expensive, and is therefore more suitable for multiple orders of the same container type, or for containers which are likely to be used for frequent ship transport. The entire production process is certified according to EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EN 1090. Kovar has been awarded the DIN 18800-7 certificate, confirming its qualification for the welding of steel structures. Kovar welders are approved and the supervisors are certified as European welding technologists. The company and employees are certified according to EN 287-1 (welders certificates), EN1290 / ISO 17638 (NDT - magnetic particle testing), EN 970 / ISO 17637 (visual welding inspection), and EN 571-1 (penetrant testing). Custom-designed containers The end design of each container is determined by the individual customer, who can request for various openings and doors or set the container load. Kovar's containers can be tailored to house various machines. These include energy packs, switch boxes, batteries and heating boilers with fuel tanks. Kovar will work out a drawing of the container and send it to the client for approval or amendment. Containers can also be produced on the basis of drawings sent by the customer. Kovar is able to process various drawing formats, from hand sketches sent by fax to DXF or DWG files via email. The container floor can be adapted in various ways to carry equipment. The most common are reinforcement for heavy machinery or rails for motors and trafos. Various other floor designs can be realised, such as double floors made of boards so that switch boxes can be easily wired. Apertures and outlets in walls can be positioned to specifically suit the processes or equipment inside and outside of the container. Machinery may need air openings with shutters, exact penetrations for control cables or hydraulic gauges, pressure flanges and other equipment. Kovar operating staff can generate easy access to machinery via doors and hatches in a wide range of designs and dimensions. Electrical installations are mounted and wired by Kovar's highly educated staff according to various national standards, including VDE, CH, UK and UL. Containers can be equipped with light fixtures, switches, sockets, ventilation and air-conditioning units. Kovar customers highly appreciate the company's ability to wire any devices according to their own wiring diagrams. Kovar production facilities The Kovar premises include the following production facilities: Three welding halls covering an area of 2,900m², with 3.2t to 20t cranes Two assembly halls covering an area of 3,200m² A 17m by 7m by 6m blasting cabin Three painting cabins of up to 18m by 7m A 1,350 m² material preparation floor Kovar's machinery comprises plate metal shears up to 10mm, a band sawing machine up to d = 350mm, press brakes up to 280 ATM, form presses up to 160 ATM, MIG-MAG welders up to 600A, plasma cutters up to 20mm, 1.5t to 7.5t forklift trucks, machine tools and technology for thermal oxidizing VOCs. Kovar's design office uses the latest version of 2D AutoCad Mechanical software and 3D Inventor software from Autodesk.

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