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Kongsberg Marine develops and provides innovative, reliable technology and solutions to ensure oil and gas resources are discovered, developed and delivered in the safest, most environmentally friendly and efficient way possible.
Oil and gas companies and oilfield service companies are using and benefiting from our technologies. We provide efficient, timely data aggregation, distribution, verification, analysis, and visualisation, to enable experts in the field, engineering support centres and remote offices to collaborate and make faster and better decisions.
Integrated oil and gas operations management systems
Your oil and gas operations require a unique blend of complex work processes, advanced technologies, environmental compliance, and services from multiple vendors and service companies. We have the capabilities to help you manage this integration to achieve maximum operational efficiency. We partner with you to:

Lower your cost base by creating integrated environments that improve efficiency
Verify engineering designs through modelling and dynamic simulation
Govern field operations and the performance of vendors and service companies through advanced surveillance, quality assurance, simulation and analytics
Automate and standardise tasks associated with drilling and production performance improvement
Create software platforms and environments for aggregation, verification, integration, simulation, collaboration, visualisation, training and distributed decision-making
Operate safer and with less environmental impact through training and collaborative decision-making

Modelling and simulation data for oil and gas decision-making
Effective decisions related to oil and gas operations are only made if key personnel in the decision-making process have access to timely, quality-controlled data. The identification of performance improvement opportunities is then possible by the continuous comparison of field data to expectations from modelling, simulation or past experience.
We believe the solution to more efficient decisions requires four core infrastructure components. These include the following:

An open data-management platform that allows decision makers access to all data, reports and analysis with minimal effort in a timely manner
An environment that facilitates integration and collaboration between locations and disciplines
Analysis, simulation, interpretation and visualisation tools linking to the data-management platform
Well-designed work processes to handle the tremendous flow of data and alarms associated with a real-time environment

Production optimisation and flow assurance technology
Well-designed workflows centred on surveillance, dynamic simulation, and exception-based monitoring and alarms have proven to greatly enhance the efficiency of production operations. Kongsberg combines all the technology components required to facilitate these workflows into a single integrated collaboration environment.
Multiphase flow simulation
Following 12 years of research and development by SINTEF, ConocoPhillips and Total, a new simulator providing dynamic multiphase flow simulations in either 1D or in the unique quasi-three dimensional (Q3D) version has emerged onto the market.
The new simulator provides better understanding of the flow regime by allowing for 3D visualisation of multiphase flow.
Oil and gas simulation technology
Simple pipelines, tie-backs, subsea developments, tubing designs, flow line designs, complex geometries and pipeline networks can all be dynamically simulated.
With this new technology, Kongsberg can work with you to solve production problems associated with flow assurance, hydrates, cool-down simulations, riser thermo-hydraulic behaviour and riser stability.
Oil and gas process and plant dynamic simulators
Kongsberg has been a leading provider of dynamic simulators for process, instrumentation and control engineering for many years. Our dynamic process simulators are adaptable to a wide range of process and plant requirements. Lifecycle simulation is a proven and powerful concept that helps reduce costs and improve efficiency in all phases of a field development project.
Dynamic simulation should be used for process design verification, plant checkout, verification of control logic, preparation of operators for plant start-up, and optimisation of plant operation.
Real-time oil and gas data management system
Kongsberg is able to provide you with a single system that seamlessly links all of your locations across the globe including offices, rigs, platforms and service companies.
You have a single interface to field data, simulation results, calculated results, files, photos, reports and other information. On the rig or in the office, all data is available to the right people at the right time and at a lower cost than you are paying now.
Oil and gas project management services
Kongsberg project managers have the discipline, dedication, and proven methodologies to deliver on-time and on-budget, every time, whether it is related to the deployment of an enterprise-wide integrated IT platform for decision-making, analysing the production process of a new-build FPSO, constructing new facilities for integrated collaboration, or creating a custom 3D animation.

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