KANFA is an independent Norwegian process design and engineering company and mother company of a group of companies delivering EPC contracts and services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Our main focus is the worldwide FPSO market – from arctic to tropical climates, and from benign to harsh environments.
KANFA AS was founded in 2000 by five multi-discipline engineers with an average of more than 20 years of experience from the offshore world.
KANFA GROUP consists of KANFA, Mator, KANFA TEC and KANFA Aragon; in total they have more than 50 employees.
KANFA GROUP is independent with regards to technology, clients and vendors.
KANFA GROUP is a part of Sevan Marine.
Offshore plant engineering
KANFA GROUP can offer in-house offshore plant engineering including process design, project management, technical solutions, arrangement drawing/layout and purchase of valves and instruments. Our services include:

Process flow diagrams (PFDs)
Process and instrument diagrams (P&IDs)
Equipment sizing and calculations
Overall process plant modeling (3D), layout and design
Individual process package modeling (3D), layout and design
General arrangement and equipment drawings
As-built drawings and final documentation
HAZOP sessions

Procurement of offshore materials and instrumentation
For your procurement of offshore materials and instrumentation KANFA GROUP will outsource purchasing of piping and steel, detail engineering (mechanical calc, pipe stress, structural analyses etc.) and fabrication/assembly. Our services cover:

Purchase of complete topside modules
Purchase of bulk materials
Purchase of tagged items, instrumentation

Oil and gas construction services

Oil, gas and water separation and stabilization systems
Gas compression systems for re-injection, gas lift or gas export
Gas scrubbing and inter-cooling
Gas dehydration systems including TEG, MEG and regeneration systems
Water injection systems
Produced water treatment systems
Sand handling and treatment systems
Stand-alone pressure vessels, pumps and instrumentation
Utility systems (fuel gas, compressed air, nitrogen generation, seawater, drain systems, etc.)
Methanol and chemical injection systems
Sulphate removal systems
Waste heat recovery units (WHRU) – KANFA-TEC

Studies and troubleshooting

Front end and conceptual studies
System design, cost estimation, review and optimization
Offshore troubleshooting
CFD calculations (FLUENT)
HYSYS calculations
Commissioning and start-up
Project management and other technical support

Offshore process consulting and process packaging
KANFA GROUP is an independent group with regard to technology, clients and vendors.
KANFA GROUP is a supplier of process equipment and systems, and can also carry out consultancy services, i.e. studies and troubleshooting.
KANFA GROUP is a group in Sevan Marine.
KANFA GROUP employees have an average of 15 years of experience from offshore projects. We have been responsible for project management, engineering management, process design, equipment procurement, fabrication supervision and start-up of separators and separation systems, produced water treatment systems, sand cleaning systems, gas dehydration systems, water, methanol and chemical injection systems and VOC recovery systems.
KANFA wants to combine our extensive market knowledge and multidiscipline experience to provide good process designs and technical solutions to the best advantage for our clients. We focus on cost, project execution and quality. During our years in the business, we have often observed that the operator, the contractor and the vendors have different perceptions and expectations. Wrong selections and lack of decisions are very costly, especially when taking the operational consequences into account. The key is correct specifications and most of all good communication. We are certain that we can contribute in this area.

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