The Ingersoll Rand Winch and Hoist Business Unit is specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of a comprehensive and modern range of air-, electric- and hydraulically-powered chain hoists and winches with lifting capacities from 150kg up to 100 metric tons. The IR hoist and winch range incorporates the best concepts and innovations to solve the most challenging lifting, pulling and positioning applications in the world's toughest industries. The hoists and winches have high recognition in key heavy industries such as offshore oil exploration, chemicals and refining, shipbuilding, mining and tunnelling and steel mills. AIR-OPERATED HOISTS AND WINCHES The air-operated hoists and winches are particularly suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, thanks to our air motor that does not produce sparks. In their standard design, the air hoists are suitable for applications in Zone 2 (as per the ATEX 94/9/EC directive). They are marked "ExII3G (D) IIB135°C". For applications in more hazardous areas such as Zone 1, Ingersoll Rand air chain hoists are offered with a special spark-resistant package. In this case they are marked "ExII2G (D) IIB135°C". The air winches are suitable for Zone 1 and 2. They are marked Ex II 2 GDcIIB135°C. AIR MOTORS There is a choice between two types of reliable air motors, both of which are explosion-proof by nature. Our powerful piston type motors are perfect for high speeds and heavy-duty applications. The piston type motors are fitted as standard on the Force 5 Third Generation, Force 5 Infinity air winch series and Herculin ® air chain hoist series. The lube-free gear type motors are designed for high starting torque, easy maintenance, light weight and low air consumption. The gear type motors are fitted as standard on Liftstar ® – Pullstar ® air winch series and Liftchain ® air chain hoist series. UTILITY WINCHES The Unit supplies utility winches for lifting, pulling or tensioning applications, including: Portable winches with capacities from 150kg to 2,000kg Heavy winches with capacities from 2t to 10t MAN-RIDING WINCHES Our dedicated man-riding winches for the offshore oil and gas industries have capacities ranging from 150kg (for fixed and floating installations) up to 3,100kg. These winches have type approval certificates issued by classification societies (DNV or ABS or LRS). AIR CHAIN HOISTS AND LOW HEADROOM TROLLEY HOISTS The Unit manufactures air chain hoists (hook mount and trolley mounted) with capacities from 1,500kg up to 100t. Also available in hydraulic and electric. Our low headroom trolley hoists are particularly suited for areas with height restrictions. Capacities from 3t to 100t. BOP HOISTS SYSTEMS We supply BOP hoists systems with two or four hoists running on two parallel runway beams. These are specially designed for offshore BOP handling applications and have capacities ranging from 20t to 200t. Available in air or hydraulic. Specials and Customer adaptations on request. We supply numerous other options, including: Spark and corrosion resistant packages "CE" packages to comply with the European machinery directives (include as standard an overload protection for lifting units from SWL 1t and main air emergency stop. Drum guard for the winches) Rack and pinion drive for trolley / hoist Sandblasting and offshore paint Articulated trolley for BOP handling systems (allows side pulling operations up to 20°) Various controls and power supplies QUALITY ASSURANCE AND SAFETY Manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified. All products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the major worldwide standards and regulations (CE Machinery Directives, FEM, ANSI, DIN, NPD, NMD, DOE, ...). All products are tested and certified prior to shipment. CUSTOMER SUPPORT IR winch and hoist products are sold and serviced by a network of specialised distributors around the world. Technical support is provided by specialised customer sales services. Please note that we do not sell our air motors as standalone products, but as part of a package. For more information, please contact us using the details below.

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