Ingenieria Maritima 81


Over the past 25 years Ingenieria Maritima 81 S.L. has been involved in more than 50 major maritime projects in respect of more than 2 million dwt. These projects have included ship financing, newbuilding design and ship modification and survey issues relating to more than 20 newbuildings around the globe, 4 major offshore projects (including several in the North Sea) and 2 domestic port dock caisson modification projects.
Our naval architects deal comprehensively with all aspects of the ship and have experience of the analyses of structures, material fatigue, life cycles and the relationship between fatigue life and structural corrosion.
Since 1988, at our clients? own request, our role has increased from that of pure engineers to that of external marine consultants.
As marine consultants our main duties have been as project managers and project analysts, construction and modification surveyors and international work status report surveyors for ship owning companies.