The International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute (IMOSTI) provides training services for personnel serving in the maritime and offshore petroleum industries. IMOSTI operates an institution for learning, education and the enhancement of maritime and offshore personnel skills. IMOSTI aims to become the most valued partner of the maritime and offshore petroleum industry in providing training and education for its human resources. IMOSTI aims to maximize clients’ ability to contribute positively to business success, while also endowing them with the characteristics essential to the improvement of quality of life and preservation of environment. Maritime training and administration, safety management and business development IMOSTI is managed and operated by leading practitioners in maritime training and administration. Our collective experience covers training administration and management, quality and safety management, research and development, trade relations and business development. We believe that the crucial element of business success is our people, so at IMOSTI we encourage our people to act with pride and responsibility. Through industry-based collaboration IMOSTI can better understand the needs of our customers; we use this as our baseline in the development and delivery of our services. Industry-established specifications on offshore personnel training and education IMOSTI always adheres to industry-established specifications on personnel training and education, while allowing ourselves to independently evaluate against appropriate standards. We strive to maintain a pioneering attitude towards the development of products and services that add value to our clients and the industry in which they work. Our dedication to providing value-adding services is not only aimed at the satisfaction of our customers but also to the promotion and preservation of the industry and to the proper formation of personnel who are working or intending to work within it. Our success can be measured through the positive contribution of our services to our customers’ businesses, and to the professional success and development of the industry. Offshore safety training equipment, simulators and accommodation IMOSTI uses the best training equipment and facilities available, including: Six-man HUET training module Olympic-size training pool 24 sharks survival air-pocket plus (EBS) trainer 24 Vikings helicopter transit suits RFD Beaufort helicopter life raft Helicopter rescue hoist 40ft smoke diving and search and rescue chamber Fire house Three fully air-conditioned classrooms Medical clinic and dispensary We provide the following simulation equipment: 12 stand-alone Beier-IVCS dynamic positioning II system Beier-IVCS dynamic positioning class II with full-mission bridge integration Full mission bridge Briefing room Our accommodation facilities are as follows: Dormitory with 60-person capacity Cafeteria Lounge/recreation area 24-hour security Offshore installation safety induction programmes (BOSIET) IMOSTI provides offshore safety training programmes for personnel working on offshore installations. Courses such as BOSIET, FOET, HUET with EBS, T-BOSIET and T-FOET are under the approval of OPITO, the UK oil and gas academy, administered and delivered by personnel with active engagements on-board offshore oil or gas platforms and offshore vessels. Dynamic position operation courses IMOSTI has invested in the NT-PRO 4000 full-mission bridge simulator from Transas Marine, which is fully integrated with the Beier-IVCS DP II system. Using this state-of-the-art equipment IMOSTI offers and delivers training courses in dynamic positioning operation through basic induction and advanced simulator courses under the authority and accreditation of the Nautical Institute of the UK. Steel maintenance and corrosion-prevention certification programme IMOSTI also organizes a training and certification programme for steel maintenance and corrosion prevention through blasting and painting, as we are equipped with several blasting media and airless sprays for painting activities.

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