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Immediate Assistants is dedicated to providing the highest level of pre-hospital medical services for remote environments. We use current, experienced and fully credentialed health professionals (doctors, paramedics, rescue personnel, physical therapists and nurses) utilising the latest techniques and proven operational methodologies.
Medical and rescue risk management
Since 1986 we have been at the forefront of the medical and rescue risk management industry, providing solutions following location assessments, initiating concepts and programs to fulfil our clients' medical, rescue, occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements in over 25 countries.
Remote-area oil and gas /mining industry medical services
Our remote-area medical services to serve the oil and gas and mining industries are internationally recognised, and cover medical personnel, equipment, mobile clinics and emergency vehicles. Our portfolio of services includes:

Complete on-site and mobile clinics
Medical personnel: doctors, nurses, paramedics, medics and rescue specialists
Ambulance vehicles and medical equipment
Advanced life-support equipment
Pre and post-employment medical assessments
Drug and alcohol testing programs
Vaccination and immunisation services/records
Psychological testing and review
International medical repatriation (Medevac)
Return-to-work programmes
First aid courses (nationally accredited training) and kits
Necksafe® acute spinal injury management
Emergency medical technician (EMT) courses
Helicopter and HUET training
Safety, rescue and extrication equipment and training
Fly-in / fly-out specialist staff

Offshore and remote-area doctors, paramedics and nurses
Immediate Assistants' personnel have been involved in providing medical services to remote sites, staffing medical facilities, responding in ambulances and providing crews for evacuation helicopters and rescue boats. The doctors, paramedics and nurses utilised by Immediate Assistants are at the pinnacle of their respective professions: seasoned experts who are used to "getting their hands dirty".
Remote-area medical centres, ambulances and evacuation helicopters / vessels
The company has extensive knowledge of and experience in using the latest medical and rescue equipment. From the constitution of individual emergency medical packs, equipping of medical centres and ambulances (two and four-wheel drive) to evacuation helicopters/vessels, a complete service is provided.
Medical and paramedical services for corporations, venues, events and individuals
Immediate Assistants has over 15 years of experience in providing services to mining, construction and security companies, government entities, professional sports, and film, TV and event companies across Australia and throughout the world. The company is Australia’s premier provider of expert medical and paramedical services for corporations, venues, events and individuals.
Remote-area medical training courses
We provide nationally accredited training courses in medical services for remote areas. These courses include senior first aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), advanced resuscitation, NeckSafe® acute spinal management, defibrillation (AED), EMT, paramedical skills, Epipen (Anaphylaxis) and analgesic gases (Entonox and NO2).
Qualified and credentialed intensive-care paramedics
The majority of mining sites throughout Australia currently meet their medical risk assessment by providing industrial medics or contracted staff from their relevant ambulance authority as their emergency response personnel. Industrial medics are often sourced from current mining staff trained only in first aid or with a six to ten-day certificate course such as EMT or industrial medic, making them nowhere near as qualified as full-time ambulance service personnel, especially those trained
in rescue.
The solution: hire appropriately qualified and credentialed private intensive-care paramedics from Immediate Assistants.

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