Hydrocarbon Outsource LimitEd


Hydrocarbon Outsource LimitEd is an internationally diversified outsource company. We are distinguished from other outsource companies by:

Aiming for Perpetual Excellence
Continuous Facilitation of HSE, Technical and Project Management Enablers ( Tools for Success)
Choosing Rounded and Grounded Experience

DELIVERING SUCCESS: Planning and On-Site Execution of Upstream and Downstream Engineering and Operations for Superior Return On Investment

- Upstream E&P;

Enginnering - Front End loading/Programming
Rig & Non Rig Intervention Applications
Rig Applications-Drilling Completion & Production Ops
HSE & Process Safety Management
Sub-Surface Engineerng Applications
-Downstream - Refinery & Plant Operations & Engineering

As the most proven and established management tools, techniques or processes that have helped companies to successfully manage their alliances, achieve tangible results and create corporate value "BEST Practices" are an inescapable component of the Value Chain......The Link to leveraging this value as a daily experience, defines the respective Mission Vision and Value of Hydrocarbon Outsource LimitEd

"Create the Best Partnerships, Field the Best TEAMS"

"Transform Partnerships into Alliances"

Facilitate Growth of all Stakeholders

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