Hydro Pneumatic Bonetti


Hydro Pneumatic Bonetti is a specialist manufacturer of actuated and manual gate valves, and a broad range of other wellhead and production safety equipment for the oil and gas processing / control industry. The company's safety shutdown systems are used throughout a wide range of wellhead, production, pipeline and process system applications.
We produce manual and automatic control choke valves (API / ANSI); gate valves (API 6A, API 6D and ANSI); control valves for high pressure separators; wellhead safety systems; air / gas-driven injection pumps; skidded units for methanol / glycole inhibitors; pilots, relays and blow out preventers, and accessories for safety systems and fire sensors.

Choke Valves, API/ANSI, manual and automatic control
API 6A gate valves, manual and automatic up to 5 ¨ûin
API 6D gate valves, manual and automatic up to 6in
ANSI gate valves 1in and 1 ¨öin class 150 up to 2,500
Pneumatic linear actuators type, single and double acting, diaphragm and wire cutting
Hydraulic linear actuators type, single and double acting, wire cutting
Control panels for our actuators, gate valves and control valves
Control valves for high pressure separator
Wellhead safety system
Air/gas driven injection pump and skidded unit for methanol/glycol/inhibitor
Pilots, relays, BOP (blow out preventer) and accessories for safety systems fire sensors
Repair and maintenance services with certified spare parts

Hydro Pneumatic supplies high-quality actuated and manual gate valves to many specifications.
Our actuated and manual gate valves feature a threaded packing retainer that enables maintenance of the needle bearings or stem pins while the valve is under pressure.
Foreing material is prevented from coming into contact with the stem packing by a specialised wipper ring, which helps to ensure stem alignment. Furthermore, a multi-purpose fitting design permits lubrication of the gate and seat assembly, and vents trapped pressure after stem back-seating.
The selective stem backseat ensures that the gate valve can be backseated against the bonnet to allow for replacement of stem packing, even while the valve is under pressure. A bi-directional, spring-loaded and pressure energised seat maintains constant gate-to-seat contact for low pressure sealing.
Other components include a safe and reliable body bonnet and a gate guide that allows for extended gate skirts.
Hydro Pneumatic's gate valves are made from are made from PSL 1-4 material for H 2 S and CO 2 service in accordance with NACE MR-01-75, latest edition. They are manufactured according to API specification 6A, 16th Edition.
Hydro Pneumatic has developed a quality assurance and control system that accords with major international standards including ISO 9001, PED, ATEX, API-6A, API 6D, Quality System API-Q1 and API (American Petroleum Institute).
Possessing decades of manufacturing experience, Hydro Pneumatic was formed in 1968 in Fiorenzuola (Piacenza, Italy). Since then, the company has become well known for its design and engineering of high-quality, reliable equipment for the offshore industry.

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