Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies


HOS is a stockist and distributor of a range of pipeline-related products for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries worldwide.
Our obsession with customer service and enviable track-record of fast delivery have enabled HOS to quickly establish an international reputation as a leading pipe-component supplier.
In order to meet the ever-changing customer requirements and the rigorous, demanding nature of the industry, HOS can offer a tailored total supply package – supplying from a single item to complete projects, and individual supply to contract agreements.
With over 100,000 products it is very difficult to list everything available so we welcome your enquiries; we are here to help you.
Manual and automated pipeline valves
Our range of valve types includes ball, check, globe, gate, through conduit, instrumentation, double block and bleed. These are available in all materials, pressure classed, end connections and specifications. They can be manual or actuated and are painted to your specific requirements. Full testing is also available – testing facilities include:

Gas testing
Low temperature / cryo testing
Fire-safe testing
Valve modification
Oil and marine and industrial hoses
Oil and marine hoses: suction and discharge of oil products, storage and transport offshore and onshore; full fitting service, built-in ends, internal/external swaging; testing and certification
Industrial hoses: ex stock service - air, water, irrigation and drag, chemical, oil, fire, mining, abrasive, shotblast, brewers, dairy, steam, PTFE, stainless, hydraulic, concrete pumping, cable protection and PVC
Hose fittings - flanges, couplings, quick-release fittings, bandit, hi torques
Pipeline hydraulics
Tube, fittings, clamps, SAE and CETOP flanges, weld fittings, hoses and couplings
Pumps, valves, motors and complete systems designed and installed
Complete range of hose assembly machinery and test units
High and ultra-high pressure hose, tube and fittings up to 60,000psi working pressure
Pipeline instrumentation
Single and twin ferrule fittings in stainless, inconel, hastalloy, duplex and super duplex
Pipe and tube OD and NB stainless, inconel, hastalloy, duplex and super duplex
Pipe and tube support clamps and systems
Gauges, block and bleed, ball, needle valves and enclosures
Pipeline multicore tube bundles
HOS' tube bundles business unit specializes in the production of tube bundles. HOS has been producing tube bundles to individual specifications for almost 20 years. This long tradition is one example of HOS' unique developing and production potential, with experience and know-how that set standards worldwide.
These tube bundles are mainly used for remote control systems. Depending on the required pressure rates they are made either from copper, copper-nickel or stainless-steel tubes and are used for various applications in:
Machine building
House energy
Other products include pipes, fittings and forged flanges, steel pipe components, BW hubs, clamps and connectors, studbolts and gaskets.
Why choose HOS?
HOS offers a complete package, and the ability to source all your needs from one central location. Invariably providing a quick response to enquiries and orders, as well as rapid deliveries from stock, the company offers competitive pricing for its quality products.
Good relations with manufacturers worldwide are assisted by the company's FPAL and BFPDA membership and ISO certification. The company is also represented on Shipserv.

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