Hydrabotix International has been formed to provide customers with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or crawler and/or pilot whenever it is needed, for long or short periods anywhere around the world.
We are based in the UK and the US but our ROVs and crawlers can be deployed quickly and efficiently to anywhere in the world.
Underwater inspection, salvage and survey ROVs
We use a variety of different ROVs for underwater inspection, salvage and survey, the smallest being the micro Videoray ProIII GTO. This has a depth capability of 1,000ft and can reach speeds up to 4.1kn.
Large underwater inspection, salvage and survey ROVs
Our larger ROVS for underwater inspection, salvage and survey include units such as the Seaeye Falcon DR and Comex super Achille, both of which have a depth capability of 1,000m.
Crawlers for pipe inspections
The Inuktun crawler is also an option if you need to perform tight internal pipe inspections. By using it, we can complete either dry or wet inspections at up to 100ft in depth.
Towfish sonar systems
We also utilise various towfish sonar systems. The Sonarbeam S-150 and 100 are the two systems we have in stock; if you need anything other than these systems contact us and we will find and fit a system to suit your requirements.
Accessories for ROVs and crawlers
For the ROVs and crawlers we offer, including Videoray, Seaeye Falcon and Cetrax products, we can add almost any type of accessory. A few examples are below:

Blueview multi-beam sonar
Metal thickness gauge
Radiation sensor
HD filming and 3D super-HD filming (via fibre)
Five-function manipulator (large units only)
Fixed manipulator (Videoray units)
Scanning Seasprite sonar
Custom fitted electronics: 12V, 24V or 48V

ROVs for commercial offshore / onshore applications
Our company has the capacity to work with oil and jack-up rigs using the Videoray, Seaeye, Cetrax and Inuktun ROVs. This also covers areas such as search and recovery, hydro-electric power systems and offshore salvage.
Micro ROVs for water tank and pipe inspection
Water tanks and pipes need constant inspection. Due to the difficulty in gaining entry to these small spaces, our micro ROVs or crawlers are widely used to complete the task.
Multi-beam sonar systems for port security
Our aim is to provide a speedy and efficient way to view the hull of ships, port walls or breakwaters. Our multi-beam sonar systems allow us to navigate through 'black water' and help find, retrieve or view almost anything.
Mooring chain and mooring line inspection
Annual inspection of mooring chains can be carried out to a depth of 1,000ft and you will have the advantage of seeing the chains on screen.
ROVs for locks
Inspecting locks can be a dangerous job for divers because of currents and water visibility. Most of our ROVs have low-light cameras, video-enhancement Lyyn system technology, powerful thrusters, halogen/LED lights and multi-beam sonar, and can fit into most overflow pipes to view various service points.
ROVs for inland waterways
Hydrabotix can provide inspection work for rivers, reservoirs, lakes and underground pipes. We can use very mobile micro ROV/crawler systems to get the contract completed quickly and efficiently.
3D and HD underwater filming
We have the capability to film to a depth of up to 1,000m; a capacity mostly used within the film and television industry. This equipment does take time to get on site, especially if the 3D system is needed, so please book well in advance.

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