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In the offshore industry the Hunger Group consistently achieves the best results through its use of the latest hydraulic technology in the offshore industry. This has resulted in a portfolio of components and solutions that complement one another so that they can be readily combined. The company's product range covers:

Hydraulic cylinders
Telescopic cylinders
Rotary actuators
Rotary transmissions
Special valves
Pressure intensifiers
Hydraulic control blocks
Piston rod coatings
Telescopic masts for fire-fighting systems
Drive and control units
Seals, wipers and bearing elements

Hunger Hydraulics' manufacturing capacities for hydraulic cylinders permit machining diameters up to 4m, machining lengths of 25m and weights up to 70t per workpiece.
Applications in the offshore hydraulic industry
Hunger Hydraulics' project engineers design cylinders and systems solutions for many different offshore applications including:

Offshore cranes
Jacking systems
Direct and wire riser tensioner systems
Heave compensating systems
Piston accumulators
Telescopic lift systems for fire-fighting monitors
Shore flood defence installations

Hunger Hydraulics also offers the modernisation of existing hydraulic equipment together with the replacement or repair of damaged cylinders or accumulators.
Offshore hydraulic system engineering
Hunger Hydraulics' project engineers handle the entire process of an offshore project, from the first customer advisory session through to engineering, certification (according to DNV, Germanischer Lloyd's, etc.) and production. Project engineers also provide the important
service of commissioning and repair.
Offshore hydraulic systems and surface-coating technology
Hunger Hydraulics has acquired in-depth knowledge of offshore hydraulic systems and of the developments in offshore surface-coating technology. Moreover, the company has developed its own in-house processing methods. With all this experience and expertise, Hunger Hydraulics is the right partner for the offshore industry.
Customised hydraulic cylinders
Hunger Hydraulics' wide-ranging experience in offshore projects provides customers with technological advice in the selection of special application-related hydraulic solutions, especially in the region of hydraulic cylinders. Hunger Hydraulics is a specialist in the design of customised hydraulic cylinders and complete hydraulic system solutions according to its customers' needs.
Piston rod coatings
The climatic and environmental requirements of offshore applications demand special anti-corrosion coatings for piston rods. Hunger Hydraulics has successfully used piston rods in many offshore projects and, using that experience, has developed two Hunger coating systems: Ceraplate and Ultraplate.
Offshore anti-corrosion coating for piston rods
The Ceraplate coating system for piston rods has a sprayed layer, provides a corrosion resistance above chrome or NiCr coatings, and is suitable for on-deck installations (DNV classification I or II).
The Ultraplate coating system has a welded layer and provides a corrosion resistance above the Ceraplate, is suitable for splash zone of submerged condition (DNV classification III), and is DNV-approved.
Inside coatings for tubes and bore surfaces
Hunger also offers various inside coatings for tubes and bore surfaces, which alternatively protect from corrosion and / or wear. If you want to learn more about our surface coating systems and our wide variety of inside coating selection don't hesitate to contact us.
About Hunger Group
Since the establishment of the Hunger Group in 1945, quality and reliability, combined with due consideration of special customer requirements, have formed the core of the company's vision. This philosophy has developed to become the hallmark of Hunger Hydraulics' products.

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