Hollandia has built a reputation as a leader in European steel structure construction through its consistent track-record regarding performance and expertise. Hollandia is active in a wide range of markets and segments such as offshore, petrochemicals, oil and gas, cranes, infrastructure, high-rise offices, industry and special projects.
Hollandia provides around-the-clock service for its projects and can also provide maintenance for third-party projects. Hollandia has annual sales of approximately €60–180 million, depending on the type of project, and employs 700 people in four locations in the Netherlands and the UK.
Steel jackets, stingers, subsea manifolds, PAUs, sea fastening and cranes
Hollandia’s substantial expertise in the area of infrastructure waterworks is directly linked to its offshore activities, where high-grade technology and rigid quality and safety requirements are standard procedure. In the offshore industry Hollandia is a reliable supplier with an extensive track-record for all kinds of steel structures, including:

Jackets and topsides
Jacket systems, including process gear
Drilling derricks
Slewing systems
Subsea manifolds
Protection frames
Modules, PAUs and turrets
Sea fastening and grillages
LNG berths and jetties
Pipe racks and process buildings
Cranes (offshore, cranes for sheerlegs, ship cranes, onshore etc.)

Jacking fixation and skidding systems
Made-to-measure work is increasingly important, especially in the construction of lifting and fixation systems for lifting and installing oil and gas platforms. Hollandia has developed a reputation for building jacking fixation and skidding systems; these incredibly complex, high-grade steel constructions have a wide range of applications throughout the world.
Steel structure repair, service and maintenance
Hollandia’s maintenance group (RSO) works around the clock to ensure the operating continuity of countless - usually movable - steel structures, not only when supplied by us but also when supplied by third parties. Our trade specialists work closely with leading suppliers of operating systems to ensure optimum safety, and maximum workflow and availability. We prefer to work with complete maintenance packages with integrated electro-technical and hydraulic maintenance programmes; the client benefits by dealing with a single, responsible party.
A leader in steel construction
With an unquestionable reputation in engineering, project management and professionalism in steel construction and maintenance, Hollandia continues to develop and break through boundaries to maintain its position as a market leader.
Our financial stability, which is based on an attitude of "no frills, no superfluous departments or overheads", makes us a reliable partner for our clients, with the highest level of expertise and quality. In the ever-changing world of steel construction, Hollandia is an authority on providing solutions, ideas and progression.

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