For almost a century Hempel has provided corrosion protection for marine and offshore activities. Today some of the world's longest bridges, tallest cranes largest ships and offshore constructions rely on Hempel quality to keep them in operation and
in good shape. We provide corrosion protection for a vast number of offshore structures in some of the harshest environments in the world.
The Hempel Group of companies comprises 21 factories, 47 sales offices and more than 130 stock points in 80 countries worldwide.
Hempel's products cover a wide range of applications within the oil and gas segment. Such as general epoxies, abrasion resistant coatings, glass flake coatings, zinc rich primers, polyurethanes, polysiloxanes, heat resistant coatings and antifouling.
All products formulated with optimum properties well balanced between application properties, impact and abrasion resistant, gloss and colour retention, anticorrosive performance, chemical resistance, flexibility and recoating intervals.
Our specifications are optimised for the various areas in question. They cover main exterior surfaces, main exterior decks, escape routes heavy traffic and helidecks, hot surfaces, tank linings, splash zones and submerged surfaces, interior surfaces
and exterior production equipment.
The well-known Hempel service package covers presale discussions about technical solutions, onsite attendance by highly trained coating advisers (FROSIO or NACE certificated), extensive reporting of conditions during surface preparation and
application, maintenance specifications for future maintenance and follow up inspections to monitor performance of our systems.
Hempadur multi-strength GF 35879 glass flake epoxy. Formulated to provide excellent corrosion protection and impact and abrasion resistance. Tailor-made for the severe corrosion category (C5-M - ISO 12944) found on offshore oil and gas
Hempadur 85671 - epoxy phenolic (Novolac) tank lining formulated for higher temperatures, resistant to a wide range of chemicals and suitable as an interior lining in tanks and pipes, etc for hot water, brine, crude oil and potable water.
The Hempaxane family based on polysiloxane technology as intermediate and topcoats as an integrated part of the corrosion control system, with excellent gloss and colour stability with low VOC.
Hempel has protected more than 1,000 offshore installations over the years and has supplied to all major players in the offshore industry. Our systems are tested to the most demanding prequalification tests and has passed NORSOK and ISO 20430,
recently with rust-creep values below 3mm.
For more information please contact Hempel A/S for brochures and CD with detailed information.

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