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Geveke was founded in 1874 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since, it has obtained a reputation as a well known, reliable supplier of specialized equipment such as pumps and compressors. Nowadays Geveke has become an industrial supplier of knowledge intensive products and services for the industry. Geveke Pompen – a business unit of Geveke Werktuigbouw - specializes in the engineering and packaging of a range of pumps and other packages for suppliers and operators in the oil and gas industry. These packages are designed by our experienced team of project engineers and tailored to meet each projects specific requirements and specifications for FPSO’s, TLP’s, MOPU’s and other on and offshore installations. We provide reliable and efficient solutions on time and within budget. All packages are designed as a fully integrated unit. Activities Consulting In-house engineering Procurement Project management Factory Acceptance Testing Start-up and commissioning Service and maintenance Management structures A Lloyds approved quality assurance system according to ISO 9001:2000 A Lloyds approved VCA* system for safe operation of our field mechanics and engineers on your site Member of FPAL Experience in packages In 1970 we supplied our first packages based on Lewa metering pumps. The background was to supply a complete and fully tested unit for installation in remote areas, thus avoiding troublesome infield assembly. Since, we have supplied thousands of pump packages to a wide range of customers all over the world. For the FPSO market our first chemical and methanol injection packages were supplied in 1995 for a FPSO in the UK part of the North Sea. Since then many packages have been engineered and supplied. Our customers include well known suppliers of leased FPSO’s, major oil companies and various specialized module builders. Products for the oil and gas industry Chemical injection packages (m)ethanol injection packages IRCD distribution racks Chemical transfer packages Nitrogen generation packages Eductor packages Instrument air packages Air dryer packages Other specialized pump packages Chemical injection packages For chemical injection, packages can be supplied using electric, air, gas and solar powered pumps for all electrical zones. The pumps of the chemical injection package can either be plunger or diaphragm type, depending on the chemical, operational or environmental considerations. Additionally these packages can be provided with atmospheric tanks, pressure vessels or tote tanks. For process lines, either tubing or piping is available in all materials. Methanol injection packages / ethanol injection packages Methanol injection packages and/or ethanol injection packages are similar to the chemical packages, however, normally the pump flows are much bigger. As these units are regularly designed for injection in the wellheads, the installed power may exceed several hundred kW. IRCD distribution racks IRCD distribution racks are used for multiple injection of chemicals. These systems reduce the number of rotating equipment, but maintain the possibility to inject chemicals in a large number of wells at the same time. Proper lay-out of IRCD’s and pumps is required, to avoid metering errors. Chemical transfer packages To fill tanks or transfer chemicals, specialized pumps and pump packages are available. Most commonly AODD pumps are used as these are low cost, easy to operate and can be supplied as portable units. Nitrogen generation packages Gaseous nitrogen is used for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry, such as tank blanketing, to decrease fire or explosion risk, to avoid oxidation, buffering of seals, start-up purging, etc. In many cases, the nitrogen is supplied from bottles that are easy available. However, as these bottles require regular filling, which can be costly and time consuming when large capacities are required or in remote areas onshore and offshore, nitrogen generation packages are used instead. Geveke Pompen designs, builds and supplies nitrogen generation packages on hollow fibre membrane technology, which meet all your requirements. Eductor packages For evacuation of gases eductor packages may be used utilizing a power gas to transport the waste gas to a flare or other location. The packages usually use large diameter piping, valves, control valves and instrumentation. Compressed air packages In many installations, compressed air is used for both process and utility applications. Based on the requirement for free air delivered at maximum working pressures, different compressor designs represent the optimum solution. The compressed air packages are based on different compressor types: centrifugal, rotary screw, rotary vane and piston. Other packages For other applications, special pump packages can be used. Their design is usually based on specific pumping principles to solve operational problems, such as high viscosities, high sand content, high corrosive or erosive properties. Examples are packages based on sludge, screw, thermal oil, vane or disc pumps.

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