GCP, a world-leading supplier of cathodic corrosion protection to the on and offshore industry, delivers high-quality products and innovative solutions for all cathodic protection situations. GCP is one of the most experienced companies providing cathodic protection (CP).
GCP provides a full range of CP services, including:

High-level CP engineering (EN 15257 and NACE CP4)
Manufacture of high-quality materials
Site surveys
Construction / supervision
After-sales service

GCP is proud to provide the best possible value to the client and, at the same time, guarantee the highest quality of services available in the field of CP. With experience gained over decades combined with new ideas and possibilities, we design the best possible CP solutions.
Metallic-structure cathodic corrosion protection systems
Cathodic corrosion protection has proven its effectiveness worldwide and over many decades to prevent buried or submersed steel structures from becoming corroded.
CP is being successfully applied to bare, coated, underground, underwater and concrete-enclosed metallic surfaces, to prevent against corrosion for many years. Some of the objects that are protected by GCP’s CP systems are:

Oil and gas platforms
Production wells for oil, gas or water
Sheet piling
Storage tanks
Industrial plants
Steel reinforcement in concrete

Cathodic corrosion protection for offshore structures
GCP provides cathodic corrosion protection for a range of offshore structures, including platforms, oil rigs, harbours, ports, jetties, water intakes, sluices and vessels.
Well casing and internal pipeline corrosion protection
We offer cathodic corrosion protection for oil wells, gas wells and water wells, as well as for the internal protection of water tanks, oil tanks, condensers, turbines and pipelines.
Cathodic protection products and services
Based on our experience with regards to requirements and in-house resources of domestic and international clients, we have developed technical expertise, resources and reliable business relationships to provide a complete range of services to carry out all types of CP activities, works and projects, irrespective of their nature, size, complexity and location.
Cathodic corrosion-protection site surveying
In order to carry out the best possible CP solution, GCP conducts site surveying for its clients. This includes data collection, soil resistivity measurements, current drain tests, location of groundbeds, location of AC power sources and CP stations, DC interference, AC interference and stray current.
Cathodic corrosion-protection design services
GCP’s CP design services include material specifications, construction procedure, commissioning procedure, operating instructions, maintenance instructions, survey report, protected objects, design philosophy and criteria, scheme and calculations, and DC / AC interference mitigations.
Corrosion-protection construction and supervision services
We provide a range of construction and supervision services for corrosion protection, including project management, construction work, regular project review meetings, follow-ups to the construction schedule and a reporting system.
Cathodic corrosion-protection testing and commissioning
As part of our CP services, we offer equipment pre-testing, pre-commissioning, final commissioning and commissioning documentation.
Corrosion-protection after-sales service
GCP provides a corrosion-protection after-sales service. This includes remote monitoring and control, spare part service, and other services around the clock, worldwide.
Special CP services
Special CP services are required in some cases in order to check the CP system, the status of protected objects, or to investigate on special corrosion problems or interferences, which might harm the steel object.
Corrosion monitoring and routine maintenance
GCP has been providing regular corrosion monitoring and routine maintenance to a large number of clients worldwide for many years.
We provide this service to a number of international clients on an "as and when required basis" and have the resources to station our surveillance teams anywhere in the world on an annual contract basis.
CP monitoring and control system and service
GCP provides a remote monitoring and control system for new or existing CP systems. Our engineers design, install and maintain the highest quality systems by using wire or wireless communication systems.
CORROCONTROL systems are capable of being remotely controlled and monitored for all CP system performance and functions. This capability allows operation and maintenance for unattended CP stations, providing totally unmanned service with only the need for periodic physical on-site maintenance.
Subsea pipelines surveys
GCP provides services for the external survey of subsea pipelines in collaboration with experienced and well-equipped marine survey companies. For these surveys, we are responsible for all matters concerning CP, and the marine survey company determines the exact location and route of the pipeline.
The survey involves the use of radio positioning systems, marine survey equipment such as echo sounders and side-scan sonars to provide data about the seabed, subbottom profilers or equivalent equipment to determine the location and depth of the pipeline, towed / remote-controlled vehicles for proper positioning of reference electrodes, etc., and computers for online recording and processing of data.

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