Fugro OCEANOR is a leading offshore supplier providing reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly cameras and environmental monitoring systems, specially developed for the offshore industry. These include meteorological and oceanographic systems, CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras, marine and offshore environmental monitoring systems, crane boom cameras, SPM monitoring systems for CALM buoys, current monitoring RigADCP systems and helideck motion monitoring systems.
We deliver complete, custom-built systems, and by managing all phases of a project we can ensure that you get the best systems for your present and future needs. We can also deliver our innovative systems as independent components of larger new-build or refurbishment projects.
Offshore closed circuit TV (CCTV) and subsea TV (SSTV) camera surveillance systems
We offer standard or tailor-made offshore CCTV systems. Some typical configuration elements are:

Cameras and pan / tilt units for indoors, outdoors, hazardous areas and underwater
Pendulum crane boom cameras
Subsea TV systems, including all components such as winches, cables, subsea frames, etc
Central equipment, such as CPU matrixes and video selectors
Peripherals, such as monitors and operator's keyboards for indoors, outdoors and hazardous areas

Miniaturised CCTV surveillance systems
The Fugro OCEANOR explosion-proof, miniaturised, offshore CCTV surveillance system is ideal for monitoring vital operations in hazardous environments. Typical areas of application include mud pumps and shale shaker areas, and well intervention systems.
Crane boom camera systems
Our CTVS-2000/401 crane boom camera system was specially developed for cranes working offshore. Main characteristics include:

The camera is suspended in our patented, magnetically-dampened pendulum that is practically unaffected by extreme temperature shifts
The system is designed for minimum maintenance, with a thermostatically-controlled heating element and a design that minimises fouling of the lens
It provides maximum information for the crane driver with minimum input - the high-resolution colour camera has an integrated zoom and optional auto-focus, operated by joystick in the crane cab

Offshore environmental monitoring systems
Our offshore environmental monitoring systems (EMS) are designed for long-term automatic unattended operation, collecting environmental, meteorological and vessel performance data:

Meteorological - wind speed, direction, gusts; air temperature and pressure; relative humidity and dew point temperature; visibility and cloud height
Oceanographic - current speed and direction, current profiles, wave parameters, platform air gap, seawater temperature
Vessel and Platform - pitch, roll, heave, sway, surge and yaw; construction and platform structure inputs; motion reference sensors; dynamic positioning systems

Helideck motion monitoring systems
Our helideck motion monitoring systems (HMS) have been installed at over 400 locations worldwide and tested under extreme conditions for over a decade of operation with excellent results. Our helideck monitoring system has been designed to meet the latest regulations and following certification standards:

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities BSL D 5-1 and BSL G 7-1 for the supply of helideck monitoring systems
Comply with the CAA-N, UKOOA/OGUK, Canadian and UK helicopter operators' guidelines
The Norwegian helicopter operators' standards

Our helideck monitoring system also includes:

Clear displays and reports of helideck conditions for flight planning (local network or internet)
Integration to existing sensors with the option to add new sensors for waves, current, cloud, visibility and other parameters
Optional outputs to third party systems such as DP, DVR or ICSS
Offline data reporting and summary statistics available for incidents, operational downtime and wind roses
Remote diagnostics and software upgrade to keep up to date with regulations
Audible and visual alarm warnings are available
24/7 offshore system support

Current monitoring RigADCP systems
Our RigADCP system has been developed specifically to alleviate exploration-drilling disruption caused by harsh and complex metocean phenomena. This rig-mounted ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) is a real-time current profiling system that provides data throughout the water column to alleviate this disruption and enhance the safety and efficiency of offshore operations.
Our RigADCP system can be adapted to meet your exact requirements.
Single point mooring (SPM) or calm buoy monitoring systems
Our Single Point Mooring (SPM) monitoring system is specifically designed to monitor dominant metocean conditions experienced at CALM (Cateneary Anchor Leg Mooring) buoys.
This monitoring system, while integrated into the CALM buoy, is able to provide accurate metocean measurements in support of marine operations, Tanker Hawser safety and maximising oil transfer windows. The system is comprised of sensors providing the following measurements:

Wave height and period
Current speed and direction
Wind speed and direction
Mooring hawser tension
Buoy heave, pitch and roll

We can provide you with low maintenance, high technology solutions. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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