Falcon Asia Pacific Oil Corporation


Falcon Asia Pacific Oil Corporation is a leading global provider of bunkering and marine fuel trading services. In recent years, we have grown significantly and added to our fleet of modern ships that are manned by well trained, competent, experienced, and internationally certified officer and crew members.

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We provide a variety of services to our customers including Marine Fuel Trading, Offshore / Deep Sea Supply, Bunkering and Fuel Storage.

* Oil Trading - The Company works on trading broad range of oil products by using its first class vessels. We also provide oil hedging through comprehensive risk management using financial swaps and derivatives.

* Offshore / Deep Sea Supply

* Bunkering - With our own fleet of modern barges and tankers, we are a major fuel oil and marine distillates supplier to commercial shipping companies worldwide.

We also specialise in supplying marine oil products to deep sea / off shore oil installations and ocean rigs.

* Fuel Storage - Liquid cargo must be stored in the appropriate facilities in ports before being transported by oil tankers or distributed to processing plants. The Company owns and operates shore storage facilities which it rents to the owners of liquid cargo.


We supply the following oil products:
? Crude Oil
? Diesel Oil
? Fuel Oil
? Gas Oil
? Lubricants / Lube Oil

Please feel free to contact us to explore possible business collaboration and sales enquiries.

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