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Expro Connectors & Measurements - Matre Products is the market leader in making subsea sensors. We utilise quartz crystal technology, sputtered thin film technology and differential pressure measurement in making these subsea sensors. These products are well known in the market for their robustness, high reliability, high accuracy and low drift.
Subsea instrumentation
Our main competence is the combination of technologies, electronics, software and mechanics. Expro’s range of Matre products has a deserved reputation as a problem solver for our customers. Most of our subsea sensor product range has been developed from requests for special applications and/or specific project specifications.
Subsea sensors
We have delivered subsea sensors for many years with true dual redundant pressure and temperature outputs. We have supplied more than 12,000 different subsea sensors worldwide with extremely low failure rate after deployment. The closest we come to a standard product is perhaps our WEPS-sensors (wellhead pressure sensor). Expro’s range of Matre subsea sensors are as follows.
Combined pressure and temperature sensors
Matre combined pressure and temperature sensors offer:
Dual / single pressure
Dual / single temperature in a single housing
Pressure sensing: pressure up to 1,035bar, best total error band ±0.02% FS
Temperature sensing: temperatures between -40°C to 180°C, total error band ±0.3% FS
Differential pressure sensors
Matre differential pressure sensors feature a stud pipe / manifold connection or remote seal connection. They are designed for dP pressure sensing, and offer a maximum differential pressure range of 0bar-30bar and maximum line pressure to 1,035bar.
Matre differential pressure sensors are used for water / gas injection flowmeters, wet gas flowmeters, and tank level monitoring.
Long-life subsea sensors
At Matre we make instruments we are proud of. Our subsea sensors have proven their quality deep down in oil wells, on the sea bed, and inside ship engines. But they are, in the true meaning of the word, only products of our commitment. This is the key word for all employees at Matre, the commitment that enables us to solve our customers’ challenges or problems.
We have extensive experience – more than 20 years – with how things work under high pressure and high temperatures subsea; many of our subsea sensors have an estimated lifetime of more than 30 years.
Subsea sensor production
At Matre we use processes in line with the company’s Excellence in Operations programme. The Teknologisk Institutt (Norwegian Technology Institute) was contracted during the design phase to consult on lean manufacturing and layout.
Key features at the new facility include:
Complete humidity-controlled manufacturing to eliminate issues related to insulation resistance (IR) in manufacturing
Hose termination area equipment with oil filling and hyperbaric test areas
ESD flooring throughout the manufacturing area
Redundant electron beam welding capability to eliminate queuing and down time
Test laboratory capable of testing 300 subsea sensors per month
In-house capability to ESS test electronics and complete sensors
Customised subsea sensors
Subsea sensors from Expro’s range of Matre sensors can be made according to customers’ requirements when it comes to signal output, like 4mA-20mA, RS485, Modbus, CanOpen, etc.
Expro has made a significant financial investment to create a world-class facility for our experienced team in Norway, which houses the design and manufacture of its industry-leading subsea sensor product range. The extended 3,300m² site increased capacity, productivity and cost-effectiveness, while further raising quality standards and improving efficiency for our customers.
Send us an inquiry or take the time to pay us a visit, and you will learn more about the commitment with which we meet the challenges on the west coast of Norway.

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