EWR Weather Radar


EWR Weather Radar has been the industry leader in portable weather radars since 1982. The company’s current products offer tactical, state-of-the-art weather prediction and surveillance tooling. Portable weather radar system The E600 is the smallest and most affordable portable weather radar system available. The E600’s exclusive combination of power and portability make the system the number one choice in tactical weather radar systems. Weather-sensitive operations rely on the E600 to deliver accurate, real-time information in the location and intensity of precipitation, and the direction and speed of cell movement. Weather radar system for front-line duty While the E600 has been designed for maximum portability, it also has been engineered to withstand the rigors of front-line duty. It is in service in some of the most difficult environments around the world today. The portable weather radar system has the following benefits: Easy-to-use WeatherScout 600 software running on a Windows XP platform Ruggedized for portable operation Mast and rooftop tripod standard Can be installed and operational in less than 30min Optimized for remote, standalone operation Full network capability Auto-mapping feature for creating graphical overlays Proven, battle-tested design Compact 18in flat panel antenna as standard; 30in antenna optional Portable Doppler weather radars The E700XD sets the new standard for portable Doppler weather radars. The E700 combines the latest in state-of-the-art solid-state technology, industry-leading digital signal processing and EWR’s innovative mechanical design. The result is the most compact, portable and advanced Doppler weather radar available. Weather radar with pulse compressor transmitter technology Where previous Doppler radars utilized tube transmitters that require frequent tuning and are prone to failure in harsh environments such as those found in mobile tactical applications, the E700XD uses a solid-state transmitter, which is virtually maintenance-free and consumes far less power. Low-power, sensitive weather radar Although the E700XD Doppler weather radar transmits less power than traditional tube-based systems, it uses pulse-compressed waveforms to provide greater radar sensitivity. Traditional radars transmit short pulses at high-peak transmit power to provide radar sensitivity through the high transmit power, while providing short-range resolutions through the use of short transmitted pulses. The E700XD can provide equivalent or better sensitivity and range resolution compared to a 10kW - 12kW radar, while transmitting a fraction of that power. In addition, the Doppler weather radar has the following features: Industry-leading Sigmet digital processing (as used by NEXRAD) and IRIS software Includes 23 standard IRIS products plus 11 optional NEXRAD level 3 products for the most comprehensive suite of data products in the industry Easy-to-use WeatherScout® software running on a Windows XP platform Solid-state coherent transmitter/receiver with 275W of power and pulse compression technology Ruggedized for portable operation Mast-mountable; can be installed and operational in less than 30min Optimized for remote, standalone operation Full network capability Auto-mapping and GPS standard feature for creating graphical overlays Dual-polarized weather radar The E700DP is a dual-polarized version of the E700XD Doppler weather radar. The DP incorporates the same advanced solid-state technology and features found in the E700XD, including industry-leading Sigmet digital processing and IRIS software. The dual-polarized Doppler weather radar is offered as standard with a 30in antenna for maximum portability and is optionally available with a 48in antenna for trailer, vehicle or fixed-mount radar installations. Real-time radar control and display package WeatherScout is the real-time radar control and display package for operating the E700XD radar system. WeatherScout comes pre-installed on the E700XD radar control computer (laptop or desktop PC, depending on customer configuration). It is designed to provide a single operator with all the functionality needed to control the radar operation and display data in a single, easy-to-use application. WeatherScout provides the radar operator with the following functions: Configuration of the radar scan parameters Starting and stopping the radar scan Real-time display of reflectivity, radial velocity, and spectrum width products with map backgrounds Display of archived weather products (composite reflectivity, echo tops and vertical wind profiles Configuration and display of user-selectable weather alerts Monitoring of the systems’ operating temperatures and faults/errors Weather radar system support services EWR provides an optional support service for all of its weather radar systems, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Should a problem arise, the company’s response time is within hours, not days, of a call. EWR can send a repair team anywhere in the world to resolve a situation.

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