Environmental Protection Engineering SA


Environmental Protection Engineering SA offers services for the protection of the marine environment, inside and outside Greece, and specialized products for the marine industry (IMO, MARPOL, SOLAS).
Our activities include:
?Oil & Hazardous substances spill response, ?Waste Management & Valorisation, ?cleaning of shores, ?ship -to-ship or shore transfers, ?pumping of water or fuel from ships in distress, ?wreck removal.
?Production of Aluminium and Zinc PolCor sacrificial anodes and Impressed Current Systems for the Cathodic Protection of ships, offshore and land constructions.
?Bilge oil-water separators POSEIDON 2000, oil content meter -15 ppm alarm DPL-15.
?Sewage treatment systems TRITON
? Products of top firms for antipollution equipment (skimmers, booms, etc) and also absorbent materials , vacuum sewage systems, water mist fire protection Hi-fog, stainless steel drainage systems, Al-Fe dimetallic joints and marine aluminium, Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), etc.

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