EMSTEC is the leading supplier of both floating suction and discharge hoses and associated products to the worldwide dredging industry. In addition to an extensive range of dredge hoses and couplings, we are a major supplier of rubber seal profiles, fender systems and moulded rubber products. Steel piping, gate valves and ships deck equipment such as chocks, bollards, deck covers and winches complement our marine product range. EMSTEC hoses for OCIMF applications are third-party tested and confirmed. Single- and double-carcass hoses can be supplied for a variety of mooring systems such as CALM, SALM, CBM, tandem, catenary and reeling applications. Rubber hoses for the offshore industry EMSTEC rubber hoses are purpose-built to the special requirements of our clients. We are in the position to build hose sizes ranging from 100mm ID to 2,200mm ID. Our hoses consist of an inner lining adjusted to the specific requirement of the transported media. Wear indicator layers can be implemented in the hoses, which transport abrasive media. A textile reinforcement of high tensile strength controls the pressure resistance of the hose as well as the tensile strength. The outer cover has a rubber compound that is highly resistant against weathering, UV lights and ozone. On special request, the outer cover can be built with oil-resistant materials. A wide variety of hose-end fittings are available. Our highly professional team of engineers, with in-depth technical expertise and practical knowledge of the dredging and marine industries, continues to develop new and improved products. Oil and dredge hose and equipment supply, spares and replacements Whether products are required for new developments, spares or urgent replacements, EMSTEC is in the position to deliver the same high level of service to its clients worldwide, on which its reputation is based. Quality-assured offshore hoses and marine equipment All of EMSTEC's parts are designed and manufactured under a ISO 9001-certified quality system. Our factory is in accordance with European production management and quality. EMSTEC OCIMF hoses fully meet the requirements of the Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings – 1991 edition. We pride ourselves on our reputation for customer satisfaction, achieved by providing a highly professional service, reacting quickly to customer requirements and delivering quality products on-time. EMSTEC's capabilities go beyond the supply of our standard products. We can also develop and supply special designs to meet our client's specific requirements or applications. Seawater uptake system EMSTEC provides specialist engineered products to the offshore oil and gas and marine industry. We provide a solution for obtaining a low temperature and low oxygenated seawater to benefit the vessel's process and utility systems. Seawater uptake systems are fully engineered to suit individual applications and installations worldwide. Use of our in-house hydrodynamic analysis software ensures that all vessel motions and environmental conditions specific to the installation are considered and accommodated within the system design. A selection of materials and surface protection ensure efficient and low maintenance operation. The system is supplied as an integrated package and includes all handling equipment to ensure safe and competent installation. Seawater uptake systems can be used for FPSO crude oil production / process facilities and FPSO LNG liquefaction plants.

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