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Elmac Technologies are the international technical leaders in flame and explosion protection systems for some of the world’s most challenging industrial environments. Our flame arresters protect people, plant and equipment involved in the global gas processing, storage and distribution industries from the catastrophic effects of gas explosions. FLAME ARRESTERS AND EXPLOSION PROTECTION SYSTEMS Elmac flame arresters comprise an element and housing suitable for installation into pipework or process plant. The element is constructed from a porous matrix that allows gas to flow under normal operating conditions. In the event of an ignition in which a flame front propagates to an element, the flame is extinguished and the accompanying pressure wave or shock wave is attenuated. Elmac flame arresters are suitable for a range of duties and applications including both in-line and end-of-line deflagrations and also stable and unstable detonations. VENT NOZZLE FLAME ARRESTERS Both in-line and end-of-line flame arresters may be fitted on the vent nozzles of storage tanks and waste vapour vents. In-line arresters are used where gas or vapour needs to be vented at a safe distance from the tank or vent VAPOUR RETURN LINE FLAME ARRESTERS For loading facilities and vapour recovery systems, in-line flame arresters are fitted on vapour return lines to provide vital explosion protection. EXPLOSION PROTECTION FOR INCINERATORS, FURNACES AND FLARES In-line flame arresters are used to protect gas supply lines. Fitted in the supply line, they prevent the burner flame from travelling back along the line to the gas source. FLAME PROTECTION FOR VENTS ON DRAINAGE WATER HANDLING As the surface water that collects in refinery drainage systems can become contaminated with HC products, vents on drainage systems are fitted with end-of-line flame arresters to prevent a flame reaching the drain. PUMPS AND ROTATING MACHINERY Any machinery handling flammable material which could, in an upset condition, generate excessive heat or sparks is fitted with an in-line arrester to prevent the passage of a flame to the source of the gas. MEETING YOUR EXPLOSION PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS With offices globally, Elmac Technologies are superbly placed to meet your explosion protection requirements, review proposed new installations, advise on site extensions and evaluate existing flame arrester installations. To assist companies in meeting the EU ATEX Directive for flame arrester compliance, we are also able to offer site surveys and technical presentations. INDUSTRY-LEADING FLAME ARRESTER TEST FACILITIES The result of a six-figure investment, Elmac Technologies have created a highly advanced flame arrester test facility embracing the very latest high-speed data acquisition software at their UK headquarters. Utilising the most modern analytical equipment available for testing flame arrester performance, this facility is available for use by organisations wishing to test in-line and end-of-line deflagration arresters and unstable detonation arresters for gas groups IIA, IIB3 and IIC.

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