Eisma port


Eisma port is a privately owned port, which provides services to commercial fishermen, boat owners and marine area for tourists. The port has a total of 27 berths and bases for launching ramp. Port shipping season begins 01:05 and ends at 30.09.
Piers are lighted and equipped with water and electricity connections, WiFi and fuel stations (both diesel fuel and gasoline). Visitors have a lock on the whole territory of 24h video surveillance.
Accurate weather information can be obtained from the port weather station at: (I don´t have the link yet but hopefully I can send it during the next week)
For sea tourists there is a sauna, showers, laundry facilities, bicycle rental, picnic terrace and kitchen, waste collection and bilge water reception.
During the summer organizes harbor sailing instruction for children, youth and adults. Winter season offers a seminar on port services.

Port address
Eisma küla, Eisma sadam, Vihula vald, Lääne Virumaa
Port assignment
Port services are provided for ships less than 24 meters in overall length of vessels
Port location
59°34'09.45''N ; 26°18'15.31''E
Home page www.eismasadam.ee
Harbour master data (advance notice required) :
Phone: +372 53452487
E-mail: kapten@eismasadam.ee
More information: http://www.sadamaregister.ee/SadamaRegister/sadam/450