EFD Induction


EFD Induction is Europe’s leading induction heating company. Our solutions deliver flameless, non-contact heat for numerous applications in the offshore oil and gas industry. These applications include: Post-weld heat treatment Pre-weld heat treatment Pre-heating before coating Tube bending Shrink fitting and removal Removal of paint and coatings Curing of coatings Pre-heating prior to cladding Pre and post-heating of swaged ends Compact induction heating systems Induction heating seems like it could have been invented specifically for the offshore industry. It is a flameless, non-contact, fast, repeatable and controllable heating method that can be used in areas off-limits to open flames. Induction heating is also mobile and flexible. Compact yet powerful induction systems are easily transported to even the most inaccessible sites. The same system can be used for numerous applications – for everything from pre and post-heating of pipes to emergency repairs on offshore installations. Induction heating for on-platform shrink fitting Several offshore operators and maintenance companies have made EFD Induction their preferred supplier for on-platform shrink fitting applications, such as the removal and replacement of coupling hubs, sprockets, gears and thrust collars. Performing these tasks on the platform is a major cost saver as components do not have to be shipped ashore. We understand that purchasing induction equipment for occasional ‘one-off’ tasks is not always viable, and for this reason, offer project-based solutions. Simply tell us what your problem is, and we supply the equipment and the qualified engineers to fix it. Induction heating equipment Minac is one of EFD Induction’s five equipment families, and the one most commonly used for offshore applications. Many Minac models come in twin versions that offer two independent power outputs. The twin versions feature split-control panel displays from which each output can be set up and controlled. Minacs can also be used together with separate heating stations. This enables the Minac to support large, flexible coils that can be shaped onsite to fit curved or irregular-shaped workpieces. Mobile induction technology for pipelines EFD Induction’s equipment is used for everything from weld heat treatment at spooling bases to overland and subsea pipe laying. Mobile Minacs are ideal for these jobs, thanks to their compact size and compatibility with customized coils. For example, Minacs are often used on pipe-laying vessels to cure pipe coatings, and for pre and post-weld heat treatment for tie-ins. Another example of mobile induction technology is a project where we helped to implement a subsea hot tapping solution. The result enabled the welding of a branch pipe onto a 20in main high-pressure gas pipe 145m below the surface of the North Sea, without any interruption in the flow of gas.

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