The ECA Group is specialized in robotic offshore inspection and intervention systems for shallow water to ultra-deep sea applications. The company designs and manufactures autonomous and remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles, remote-controlled electric and hydraulic manipulator arms, and inspection TV cameras for subsea intervention offshore.
The main applications of today's ECA product range are hydrographical and oceanographic survey, underwater structure inspection, pipe laying survey, and deep-sea manipulation.
Unmanned underwater vehicle for photographic and bathymetric survey
In 1980, ECA manufactured EPAULARD, the first unmanned underwater vehicle capable of diving to 6,000m for photographic and bathymetric survey of the seabed. It has an endurance of several hours.
Oilfield-inspection autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
The ALISTAR 3000 AUV, which is rated to a depth of 3,000m, is capable of carrying out a variety of inspection tasks on ultra-deep offshore oilfields. Examples include inspection of pipelines, risers or mooring lines, touch-down monitoring and post-lay surveys.
This AUV offers operatorsgreater flexibility and overall faster operation. This is ensured by its unique hovering capacities, small spread and lack of winch. It also collects data during inspection and stocks information for post-processing data analysis. The ALISTAR 3000 is also capable of performing survey missions.
Free-flying hybrid ROV / crawler
The Roving Bat is a powerful hybrid ROV / crawler that reaches a target in free-flying mode, tilts up or rolls to one side and sticks to any vertical or inclined surface to run a close inspection. Its key feature is a very strong thrust, enabling it to operate in severe conditions. The primary applications are hull inspections for FPSOs or vessels, inspection of immersed structures, and inspection of hydraulic dams.
Subsea inspection and observation ROV
The ROV H300 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is rated to a depth of 300m. Small and weighing only 65kg, it is equipped with high-resolution sonar and video camera and spotlights. Its is particularly adapted to inspection and diver-support tasks.
Light-work inspection and intervention ROV
The H1000 ROV is rated to a depth of 1,000m and equipped with high-resolution sonar and a video camera, spotlights and a manipulator arm. It is particularly adapted for intensive inspection, light intervention tasks and salvage operations.
Electric manipulator arm
CSIP, part of the ECA Group, has launched a new five-function electric manipulator arm. Powered with 24VDC and 3A, the lightweight electric arm has a lift capacity of 25kg and is designed for use at depths down to 6,000m. 
It offers the same working envelope as comparable hydraulic arms as well as several other advantages. These include further-decreased weight (the ROV has no pump or valve pack), no hydraulic-fluid leaking, higher positioning-precision through digital, automatic performance of pre-programmed tasks, and learning capacity.
It is suitable for the latest large work-class electric ROVs. The development of a seven-function electric arm is currently underway.

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