Eastproject specialises in consultancy, design and engineering for marine and offshore vessels, from specific small tasks to complete engineering packages on a turnkey basis, namely contract management, marine and offshore engineering, and consulting services from feasibility studies to engineering packages on a turnkey basis, construction management commissioning to sea trials and technical operation support. Eastproject is a competent and flexible organisation, covering areas from naval architecture to structural and mechanical engineering, electrical DP system and instrumentation design, as well as planning and procurement. Our highly professional flexible workforce is able to propose up-to-date design, incorporating the latest technological innovations. We provide excellent customer service. Offshore vessel consultancy, design and engineering Eastproject is able to guarantee a high design expertise in the following areas: Feasibility studies Financial analysis Technical specification Work process engineering (selection of technology, lay out, etc.) Organisation of personnel training Work supervision Start-up Maintenance planning Marine equipment and systems for offshore projects Eastproject operates globally, serving our worldwide customers, including shipyards, offshore companies, shipowners, and operators and suppliers of marine equipment, systems and services. Pipelay barge design and construction One of Eastproject’s recent projects was an 825t crane pipelay barge, 130m x 32m, which was delivered at the beginning of May 2010. It was fully designed by Eastproject, including pipe lay calculation and a lay ramp system. The supply of advanced basic design drawings was in cooperation with a Ukrainian engineering partner, including the joining procedure. The pipelay barge was built in Singapore and transported into the Volga Channel in two sections and was subsequently joined in the Caspian Sea. Eastproject provided assistance on-site in the building, transfer and joining procedures. Mooring winches system, ramp and stinger supply For the pipelay barge, we handled the supply of special equipment, including the design and construction of a mooring winches system in cooperation with an Italian manufacturer; lay ramp and underwater control equipment for stinger; and weather-tight valves for mooring wires. Modular vessel research and development For over five years, Eastproject has been working on an innovative modular (MODU) vessel for which a patent licence has been deposited, even in the US. This innovative MODU vessel will be able to operate in the offshore drilling sector and as a support cable laying and construction vessel. This is due to the flexible change of the barge module inside of a mother dock vessel. The vessel spread is composed of a submersible mother vessel. The MODU vessel will operate in DP3 in: Diving construction / ROV mode Deep-water heavy-lift support mode Flexible pipe-laying mode Rigid pipe-laying carousel mode J-laying 36m pipes mode Drilling operation mode: for drilling operation and heavy-lift operation, the water depth has been considered up to 1,200m Drilling tender mode Pipelay equipment In the last six years Eastproject has been studying the shallow water operational aspects of the Caspian Sea, researching vessels with very low draught. Based on its findings, Eastproject has developed an idea which is undoubtedly very advanced. Pipelay hoverbarge development Using existing air cushion technology, Eastproject has joined Hovertrans Solutions and developed a pipelay hoverbarge that is able to weld and lay 12m steel pipes and flexible hoses with a considerable daily production in comparison with traditional barges and equipment currently in use. The pipelay barge will be fed by supply air cushion feeder able to move by its own blower at 5kt speed. All pipelay spread will be able to operate in very shallow water and swamp conditions.

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