Dhillon Lighting


At Dhillon Lighting, we know that our job is to make your job easier. Buying lighting for your project shouldn’t be frustrating –we are customer service focused and offer premium technical service, knowledgeable sales reps and a decade worth of experience in the home industry. Our promise is that every builder leaves with more than what they expected:

The highest quality product,
The best customer service,
The best deals in the city.

We guarantee the lowest prices in the province. With our rich history of over10 years in lighting, Dhillon Lighting has supplied the province’s largest building projects. We have an extensive collection of lighting fixtures and are never back-ordered for standard products. Builders can trust that we will supply of their preferred products in-stock at all times, guaranteed and your customers will have the ideal setting to choose between our large variety of lighting fixtures when they visit our showroom.

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