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Detection Instruments (Northern) has been a leading supplier of fire and gas detection equipment to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for over 30 years. As an ISO 9001 registered company, our extensive experience of designing and supplying fire and gas systems for the offshore oil and gas sector has given us an unparalleled understanding of the unique requirements of gas detection in this industry, and of high-reliability systems destined for harsh environments.
Many of these systems for detecting fire, flammable gases, hydrogen sulphide and other toxic gases were designed around the Ditech range of control equipment - the DI800, DI860, DI950 etc. which formed the backbone of many offshore fire and gas systems. Although the gas detectors used in these systems - the DI5/6 and DI8 - have been superseded, there is a strong demand for the replacements we now supply.
Ditech control systems
The Ditech range of control cards - DI800 (flammable gas), DI860 (hydrogen sulphide) and DI950 (fire) have long proved themselves dependable and reliable, having been in constant use in oil exploration and production environments for many years. Consequently our long experience of adding to and modifying these systems is in constant demand. We also provide a repair service for these and other control cards.
Flammable gas detectors
Now superseded, the DI5/6 flammable gas detector is still a common sight in the North Sea and elsewhere. We can now supply ATEX-certified replacements for the DI5/6, and also regularly repair these detectors for a number of major customers. We can provide a competitive quotation for repairing your detectors.
Hydrogen sulphide detector
The DI8 hydrogen sulphide detector is available as a spare for existing systems which use the DI860 H2S control card.
IREX - pellistor replacement IR flammable gas detector
Reduced operating costs, improved reliability, virtually maintenance free operation, faster response, poison resistance, and better zero stability are some of the benefits of IREX.
IREX is designed to replace pellistor (catalytic bead) flammable gas detectors and provides a low-maintenance solution without replacing costly control equipment. Using its unique rotating gland, IREX screws directly into the existing detector’s junction box and utilises existing cabling and control cards. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel for durability, IREX has both ATEX and IECEx approval and is currently undergoing assessment for IEC61508 SIL 2 compliance.
Oxygen, flammable and toxic gas detectors
The Xgard range of gas detectors employs a wide range of electrochemical and catalytic sensors for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases, while Xgard IR uses infrared technology to detect flammable gases and carbon dioxide.
Xgard comprises sensor, amplifier and junction box in one cast aluminium or 316 stainless-steel housing designed for wall or ceiling mounting, and is available in flameproof and IS versions. Using plug-in modules for quick and simple sensor replacement keeps detector downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum. Xgard is ATEX, UL and IECEx approved and is IEC61508 SIL compliant.
Fire and gas panels
Between them, Gasmaster, Vortex and Gasmonitor cater for all gas and fire monitoring needs from single-channel up to large floor-standing multi-rack fire and gas panels. These cost-effective, compact control solutions provide all the reliability, flexibility and ease of operation expected of modern programmable control equipment.
Other gas and fire detection products
Contact us for all your gas and fire detection needs, including portable and personal gas monitors, addressable sensors and control systems, safe area detectors, UV/IR flame detectors and hazardous area sounders and beacons.

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