Deltamarin is the leading design and engineering specialist in Europe in the field of marine and offshore technology. Our business is based on efficient management of technical information, state-of-the-art engineering processes, and utilisation of modern information technology. The Deltamarin group of companies employs approximately 400 specialists in international offshore and shipbuilding projects.
Our expertise covers, among other things, services for floating, production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs) - from concepts, through conversions and new-build design and engineering, up to contracting services. We have successfully applied our products in FPSOs, pipelayers, drillships, semi-submersibles, craneships and similar speciality offshore vessels.
Offshore vessel consultancy, design and engineering
Deltamarin specialises in consultancy, design and engineering for offshore and marine vessels, from specific small tasks to complete engineering packages.
All disciplines are covered, including structural design and analysis; machinery configurations and designs; marine and utility systems; piping design and analysis; HVAC; outfitting; naval architecture; safety; interior; electrical, instrumentation, automation and control. Services we can offer for these areas include:

Feasibility studies
Concept development
Outline tender
Contract project
Feed / basic engineering
Detailed design
Production design
Procurement services
Site supervision
Yard evaluations
Operation support
Conversion designs

We cover all phases - all disciplines.
We can offer services for all these areas at any stage of a project.
i-FS - integrated floating solutions
Deltamarin, together with alliance companies Pyramid and DeepSea, offers a new integrated and agile approach to oil companies, contractors and FPSO owners to handle conversions and newbuilding projects of FPSOs. Our i-FS alliance offers a well integrated full field package. This package covers everything in design and engineering you need, from the wellhead to offloading, including X-mas trees, flowlines, risers, umbilicals, mooring / station keeping (turret, spread or DP), hull / vessel conversion or newbuild, including all utilities and hull design, and finally the processing facilities to produce the targeted day rate.
With partnering yards we can offer a fully integrated contracting strategy, which is a real benefit for an FPSO project owner. The advantages to the customer are well coordinated engineering and technical procurement combined with excellent project management and follow-on engineering throughout the project, resulting in less problems during construction. Naturally our package ensures classification and regulatory compliance. The final result is that your project is on time and on target with less problems and extra effort for our customers.
Shipyard and contractor evaluations
We carry out shipyard and contractor assessments and evaluations in order to help shipyards with new vessel types or to improve their productivity, output and quality, as well as in the development of new investment programmes.
FPSO engineering - conversions and new-builds
We have experience of more than 20 years in shipbuilding and offshore with all kinds of special vessels, giving valuable background for FPSO conversions and new-build projects. This vast experience of project development and planning - from design and engineering up to operation start-up - has been utilised by several customers in their demanding projects.
R&D of vessel machinery, systems and equipment
Our in-house R&D department has carried out more than 450 different studies for the industry on revolutionary offshore vessel machineries, systems and equipment. This has led to the successful operation of more than 100 of these machine and system prototypes. We also study innovative overall configurations for vessels, and have subsequently developed new configurations for vessels of several operators.
Vessel 3D coordination / integration modelling
We have utilised 3D coordination / integration modelling for our vessel design and engineering since 1986, with more than 100 extensive reference cases. We are proud to have produced, in 1994, the first full-ship covering pre-coordination model for a large naval vessel, and for all types of vessel ever since. We provide excellent results for the customer by handling the entire project with regards to engineering, planning, coordination and construction follow-up.
Our first FPSO 3D coordination / integration modelling project was for the Bluewater Aoka Mizu FPSO's conversion. A complete coordination model – including new structural steel areas, piping, ducting, cable trays and main equipment – was created during the basic design phase to help the shipyard in its engineering and production, as well as in production planning and procurement.
Environmental engineering - vessel fuel and energy saving
Fuel and energy saving has been an objective for all our customers. The vast amount of references, model test results, system analysis, continuous measurements of operating systems and vessels and training courses we provide give us an unbeatable basis for improving the fuel efficiency of existing vessels or systems, as well as for developing innovative specifications for new-build vessels that will ensure low fuel consumption.
ISO 9000:2001 certification
Deltamarin is fully ISO 9000:2001 certified with relevant procedures to provide high-quality, on-time services for our customers. We are also certified by Achilles, the joint qualification system in Norway and Denmark for the offshore industry.
Vessel information management software
Lifecycle document handling is a major issue for companies operating in the oil and gas industry. We possess software called DeltaDoris (Kronodoc) that can manage document handling, distribution and review purposes over the Internet. Through a web connection you will have access to all required documents developed in your specific project.
At the delivery of your vessel you will have a complete package of documentation that is well organised and managed.

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