Delta-p is a Norwegian OEM supplier of pumps and pump skids for the oil and gas industry. Delta-p guarantees our customers are provided with the best equipment for their individual needs. We are a unique system integrator and product specialist for engineered pump packages, injection applications and agitators.
We provide fully customized, engineered and tested mechanical process packages for a wide range of various applications, including:

Crude oil and HC cargo
Condensate pumps
Miscellaneous pumps
Process pumps
Fire water pumps
MEG injection pumps
Methanol injection pumps
Chemical injection skids for all types of chemicals
SW boosters and injections
Utility pumps
Electric driven or hydraulic driven pumps (diesel engines for some applications)

Dedicated pump selection
Delta-p selects the most suitable pump and makes complete process flow diagrams (PFD), piping diagrams (P&ID) and GA drawings in 3D. This results in a complete skid with pumps, piping, instrumentation and electro, which the customer is able to connect their interface to.
Customized pump and skid packages
Delta-p develops and constructs customized and tailored packages according to individual customer demand. Our product program consists of all kind of pumps for almost any application from leading manufactures in Europe. We can deliver separate pumps or pumps combined into a miscellaneous pump package.
Our engineers are highly qualified and have over 100 years of experience in the oil and gas market.
Pump systems for challenging environments
For deliveries to the Norwegian continental shelf, oil companies have very strict requirements for rotating equipment, such as raff conditions. Delta-p has developed systems to meet these hard conditions with regards to pump selection, painting, noise and other challenges.
Worldwide pump systems, repairs and maintenance
Combined with our experience, Delta-p helps to develop pump manufacturing in order to meet many different specifications worldwide. Many of our pump partners have a worldwide service channel and pumps can be repaired and maintained if required.
Pump documentation, competitive prices and delivery times
Delta-p focuses on customer satisfaction, fast and reliable delivery, competitive prices and a high level of pump documentation.
ISO-standard, environmentally friendly pumps
Delta-p endeavours to select environmental friendly solutions for its customers’ pump requirements. Our pump products are QA certified to ISO 9001:2000.
Delta-p strives to be a flexible company and focuses on customer demands. With our high quality production facilities, we provide unique pump products and market experience, such as process know-how and material selection.

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