Delitek as


Delitek AS is a manufacturer of waste handling systems specially designed for use onboard ships, platforms and the offshore industry in general. The `Green ship` product line includes stainless steel waste compactors for mixed consumer waste, bale compactors, compactors for used oil-filters and buckets and our new DT-500GC Glass Crusher.

Delitek AS range of marine stainless steel waste compactors, designed for use onboard vessels and offshore installations, are capable of withstanding the most severe weather conditions. Both compactor and container are made of stainless steel to ensure a corrosion free lifetime with low operating costs. These compactors have been delivered to factory trawlers, passenger ships, ferries, offshore platforms, and offshore service vessels and tankers on both domestic and international routes. All products are DnV certified and conform to MARPOL 73/78 annex V regarding waste handling at sea.

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