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Deeplink Subsea, based in Perth, Western Australia, specialises in observation / inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). We are committed to providing an ROV service in a professional, cost-effective manner.
Mobile, compact ROV packages
Deeplink Subsea concentrates on offering mobile, compact ROV packages as the demand for space on offshore installations and vessels is limited.
The driving force behind Deeplink Subsea has always been to continuously exceed customer expectations within the oil and gas industry. We fulfil this by remaining one step ahead of the current technological requirements.
ROV services
Deeplink Subsea provides the following ROV services:

Inspection surveys and recording
Environmental assessment for applications
Fisheries and biological inspection
Engineering support
Salvage support
Digital recording and archiving
Dam inspection and surveys
Diver support

In collaboration with other companies, we are able to offer engineering services, client representation, commercial diving services, subsea tooling design and fabrication, and hire equipment services.
Observation / inspection-class vehicles
Deeplink Subsea owns and operates a sophisticated fleet of observation / inspection-class vehicles, which consist of the most reliable brands in the offshore industry. These brands have been chosen for their reliability and track record.
ROV system tooling and transportation
We can provide a range of tooling according to the project requirement. We supply ROV systems with the option of being fully containerised in offshore lift-certified containers or in transport cases for fast, cost-effective transportation.
A variety of configurations is provided depending on the vessel of opportunity, taking into account time and cost.
ROVs for coastal and inshore operations
Deeplink Subsea provides the powerful, portable and versatile Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR ROVs, which have been designed for coastal and inshore operations, and for use in water depths of 300m and 1,000m or offshore fly-away operations.
The Falcon DR offers the additional capability of 1,000m depth rating, maximum 1,100m umbilical length with 14mm diameter umbilical (longer options available), tilting variable intensity lights linked to camera tilt mechanism and F2 fibre optic transmission system.
Inspection ROV system
The Mohawk is a small, professional inspection ROV that can be used for a variety of underwater tasks including observation, survey, NDT inspections and tooling. Mohawk provides high-quality video for inspection work but can also run underslung tool packages such as tree valve torque tools, high-pressure water jetting pumps and small hydraulic or electric manipulators.
The Mohawk inspection ROV system is rated at 1,000msw / 3,280fsw standard but can be easily upgraded to 2,000msw / 6,560fsw. Mohawk uses a small-diameter main lift cable, which reduces the launch and recovery system requirements and the vessel deck space needed.
Observation and inspection-class ROVs
The Seaeye Tiger and Seaeye Lynx are widely regarded as the leading observation and inspection vehicles within the oil and gas industry. They are increasingly being taken up as the ROV of choice by military and scientific customers seeking increased capability in deep water.
With depth ratings of 1,000m and 1,500m, both Tiger and Lynx are able to perform well in strong currents and under the harshest conditions, providing excellent handling and manoeuvrability. Their open-frame construction and generous payload offer the possibility of adding a wide range of tools and sensors, as well as under-slung, bolt-on tool skids.
Portable ROV systems
The Navajo portable ROV from Sub-Atlantic has been designed to carry and control instruments such as CP and UT sensors, dedicated task-specific work skids and small manipulators, making this vehicle more than just an "eyeball". Enhanced reliability combined with low purchase and ownership cost have been achieved by the elimination of cables and connectors, as well as Sub-Atlantic’s unique "wet" thruster and a simple modular design using corrosion-resistant plastics.
Compact and portable ROVs
The LBV I50SE system is the best all-round ROV in its class and is now supplied with a 24-month limited warranty. Powerful, portable and incredibly versatile, the LBV150SE ROV system is the perfect balance between power, size, capability, umbilical length and intuitive controls, and is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications both inshore and offshore.
The rugged, reliable LBV I50SE has an exceptional balance between vehicle weight, small diameter umbilical and powerful thrusters. This combination permits the LBV to fight strong currents and maintain stable. In addition, the LBV150SE is supplied with 150m (500ft) of the revolutionary small 7.6mm diameter umbilical, which reduces drag by more than 24% over its competitors. This reduction enables the LBV150SE2 to operate in higher current with the full length of umbilical in the water. Added simplicity is provided by the heavy-duty umbilical reel.

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