Damco Marine Management, INC.


DAMCO MARINE MANAGEMENT, INC., with over 30 years in the marine brokerage and consulting business, offers quality marine equipment, including new and used Boats, Barges, Cranes, and Dry Docks, and many other miscellaneous equipment available under U.S. or foreign flags. This marine brokerage and consulting firm serves a worldwide market.

DAMCO prides itself in representing both the buyer and/or seller with the most equitable deals and the best priced new and used boats and equipment money can buy.

Damco Marine Management, Inc is an industry leader in the marine equipment brokering field. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service to all of our clients, and as well uphold the values of honesty and integrity in commerce. These principles have allowed Damco Marine Management, Inc. to thrive in the marine equipment industry and continue to offer our superior services to our customers.

Our sales staff has over 30 years experience in brokering commercial boats, utility vessels, supply boats and barges. If you are looking for any marine equipment, we would like to talk to you about your needs. We can be reached at 985.384.2614 or by e-mail at DamcoMar@aol.com.

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