COPETECH-SM is specialized in submarine research and survey missions with remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) to depths of up to 1,000m, as well as associated activities. We offer highly qualified manpower and technical equipment for this specific type of working environment.
ROVs for underwater surveys and operations
COPETECH-SM has the following types of ROV available:

Deepsea survey unit 1000
Two Super Achilles
One Achille M4
One Achille M3

Our Super Achille 1,000m ROV is a powerful and robust unit that can perform various underwater inspection surveys and operations. It can be remotely controlled directly from the support vessel until a depth of 400m below that limit, use of a "garage cage" is recommended, equipped with a tether management system that can be lowered vertically from the ship by a davit and winch with an electrical umbilical.
Super Achille can perform various types of subsea work including divers' assistance, survey assistance, platform, chain, pipe, wreck, dam inspection works, etc. In deep waters up to 1,000m and in hazardous environments such as those with pollution and/or strong currents, it can also be used to survey or assist in the installation of cables, pipeline, or an emissary. It can be fitted with specific tools to perform remote control operations from the surface such as recovery of wrecks, measurements and sample collecting, laying of explosives, hawser cutting, etc.
Offshore work assistance ROVs
The DSU1000 has been designed for ROV dives up to 1,000m. Its main use is work assistance in the oil and gas industry and is easily transportable on any vessels capable of receiving a 20ft long container. This unit is entirely autonomous as all the equipment needed for offshore missions is contained in its unique container.
ROV GPS positioning system
The ROV SSBL SIMRAD HPR 410P position system is a referencing system used for the positioning of the ROVs. It permits the operator to know the exact GPS position of the ROV and then to precisely locate the object of the survey. This equipment is easily transportable on any research vessel.
Sea bottom survey equipment
The association of OLEX cartography navigation software with the SIMRAD ES60 professional echo sounder allows us to obtain reliable information about the nature of the sea bottom.
Fine multi-beam bathymetry survey equipment can be operated to investigate wrecks or to find the best route for the implantation of cables or pipes.
Professional diving equipment
COPETECH-SM can also provide customers with a professional set of diving equipment consisting of a mobile hyperbaric chamber in its own mobile container. This container has been conceived to come along to all work sites and contains two diving boards and one arm for water launch with the possibility to install an ROV control unit, making it a reliable and indispensable ally.

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