Converteam has unrivalled experience in the design, supply, commissioning and lifecycle support of electric propulsion, vessel control, dynamic positioning (DP) and drilling system solutions across a wide variety of vessels and applications.
Converteam is the only true single source system integrator that provides complete, in-house solutions to satisfy the requirements of the offshore industry.
Power and propulsion systems, vessel control systems, DP control systems and drilling systems
Converteam’s core products and systems are:

Power generation and electric propulsion systems
Vessel control systems (VCS)
Dynamic Position control systems (DP)
Drilling systems
Customer service, support and upgrades

Additionally, Converteam’s project management and engineering integration skills frequently extend to include project responsibility for related systems:

Diesel engines
LV switchboards
Fire and gas
Navigation equipment
Communications equipment
Tank gauging
Ballast systems
Additional mission specific systems

Power and propulsion systems
With more than 400 vessels already fitted with Converteam electric power and propulsion systems, it’s clear that choosing a Converteam solution is a direct route to competitive advantage:

Improved machinery layout and space savings
Increased flexibility
Improved safety
Reduced noise and vibration
Improved reliability, leading to reduced maintenance costs
Significantly reduced operating costs

Converteam provides complete power and propulsion system packages, including prime movers, power generation, electrical distribution and fixed or variable speed drives.
Vessel control systems
Converteam’s vessel control system is designed to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of modern vessels by integrating the functions of control, monitoring and alarm management for a wide range of machinery and controls.
Dual redundant, high-speed Ethernet networks combine vessel-wide systems into a single entity, giving operators a unified view and complete control of all elements of the distributed plant.
Typical system functionality includes:

Central alarm system
Centralised power plant monitoring and control
Propulsion, thruster and steering systems
Auxiliary systems
Fluid and cargo systems

Additional sub-systems can be included and managed by Converteam, for example:

Navigation systems
Communication (internal / external) systems
Admin LAN

Dynamic Position (DP) control systems
As early pioneers of DP in the 1970s, Converteam has accumulated massive expertise in the field.
Today’s range of DP control systems, the C-series, is a family of products based on modern technology, which continues the Converteam tradition of being the right product at the right price.
The C-series is a modular system which ranges from joystick manoeuvring systems and simple DP systems, through to the most sophisticated of triple voting DP systems, class three DP systems and a thruster assisted mooring system (TAMS) for moored vessels.
Drilling systems
Converteam has been a leading player in the design and manufacture of drilling systems since 1980. Our extensive experience in this field means that Converteam drilling systems are installed on well over 100 drill ships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups and platforms.
Specialising in variable frequency drives for applications such as top drives, draw-works, mud pumps and cement pumps, Converteam has led the way in supplying the offshore industry with innovative and reliable solutions.
To complete the package, Converteam delivers driller consoles, mud consoles, transfer panels and dynamic brake resistor cubicles.
Service, support and upgrades for power, propulsion, vessel control, DP control and drilling systems
With strategically located worldwide service capability Converteam offers true 24/7 support including breakdown intervention, spare parts, routine service and training.
Ultra-rapid intervention and support is provided through our Visor remote support system, which enables Converteam engineers to observe, investigate and assist Visor-equipped ships from suitably equipped and authorised access points worldwide.
Full lifecycle support ensures maximum plant efficiency and availability; we are always on hand to advise and manage upgrades and enhancements as they become available.

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