Co.L.Mar delivers specialised acoustic subsea leak detection equipment and noise assessment services for underwater applications. The company has been operating in the marine industry since 1982 and is experienced in acoustic engineering, and geophysical investigations. We have recently has been certified ISO 9000 – 2008. Acoustic subsea leak detection system Co.L.Mar. has released an acoustic subsea leak detection system ALD® (acoustic leak detector) which is able to locate very small leaks on the sea line even in extremely hard environmental conditions. The system and the relative service have been developed for seven years and an international patent has been obtained. At the moment it is probably the fastest, most accurate and reliable method for sea line leak inspection, especially when an emergency occurs. Underwater pipeline leak inspection The ALD underwater pipeline leak detection system features an underwater sensor that collects acoustic data as it scans the pipeline. The acoustic data is transferred online to an onboard receiver, then to a PC where is analysed, displayed and recorded by a proprietary software. Compared to other leak detection techniques, ALD has the following advantages: Not affected by current, turbidity or pipeline burial No need to stop production High sensitivity for small leak detection Reliability: up to date (April 2011) 100% rate of success Rapidity – fast mobilisation worldwide ROV, TOWED, DIVER inspection modes available Through the results obtained ALD has achieved a reputation which makes them the first choice of companies like SAIPEM, ExxonMobil, McDermott, SHELL, BP, PETRONAS, TOTAL, TECHNIP, BJ Services, FUGRO and HORIZON. We are now being contracted to stand-by during hydrotest or repair operations. Underwater leak detection and inspection techniques During years of development, different underwater leak detection and inspection techniques have been defined: ROV inspection - the sensor is installed on the vehicle which follows the line at a speed of about 0.7 knots TOWED FISH - the sensor, in a "fish" configuration, is towed by a vessel along the pipeline track DIVER - the ‘hand held’ sensor configuration is driven by a diver (suitable for flange inspections) DIVER STAND ALONE – the diver can operated the equipment autonomously VERTICAL DEPLOYMENT: the sensor is lowered from the boat in a line kept vertical by ballasts The efficiency of the service is one of our key attributes. We are organised to respond to emergency situations and can mobilise very rapidly all over the world. We also provide a standby service, which guarantees immediate availability of equipment and personnel during critical periods. We offer additional leak detection instrumentation, such as fluorescine detectors or hydrocarbon detectors. Underwater noise measurement services Co.L.Mar offers underwater noise assessment services that are backed up by our proprietary acoustic equipment and software. We design and build in-house our own acquisition equipment, and have the ability to customise and enhance existing technology for specialised operations. We are experienced in assessing the acoustic impact of a wide range of man-made structures, including: Research vessels Submarines Platforms Barges Piling operations Racing boats Our equipment can be rapidly deployed on small support vessels by our acoustic engineers. Once at the assessment site, we take water column temperature and salinity measurements. This data helps us to position the hydrophones at the correct depth for assessment.

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