Catering and Camp Management Services


We feel pleasure to introduce " S. Zia ul Haq & Sons" an organization involved in diversified business activities providing services to oil, gas, power and energy sector in Pakistan and Overseas. Our activities includes but not limited to
* provision of catering and allied services.
* Meat processing, packaging and supplies.
* Fabrications of portables buildings
* Representation of Foreign companies introducing
their products & services to oil, gas, power and other
industries in Pakistan
* Construction of Infra structure ( such as access road,
camp area, pre-engineered building, fencing, living
quarters complete with utilities and power generation.
* Pipeline construction, Plant Maintenance, erection of
Heavy Mechanical structures.
* R& D Livestock and Agrcilture business
* Human Resource Supplies and training SHEQ, Food Hygiene and
Safety etc.

S. Zia ul Haq & Sons, a family owned company established in the year 1918 in Patyala Estate of former united India under British rule. Upon creation of Pakistan we moved to Karachi in the Year 1947.

We have started our business in Indo Sub Continent with British Government Department, Army etc., as Fresh Produce / Food Supplier.

We have our offices in four major cities of Pakistan, and have overseas offices in US, UAE, Iraq, Bangladesh and Yemen to provide the above services.

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