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Carltsoe Safety Tools has been manufacturing tools since 1956 and is today one of the leading global manufacturers of non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant tools. Our tools can be used for demanding, high-risk surroundings in the offshore industry, including natural-gas installations, oil tankers, gas works, oil drilling platforms, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, shipyards, nuclear industries, ammunition factories and aircraft factories.
Carltsoe Safety Tools supplies the following range of safe hand tools:

Non-sparking hand tools for working at Ex-zones (ATEX certified)
Drop-protected hand tools for working at heights
Titanium hand tools for working at medical industries
Industrial air-powered tools
1,000V double-insulated tools

Non-sparking hand tools for hazardous areas
Carltsoe Safety Tools manufactures all kinds of non-sparking tools, including combination, side-cutting, gas-pipe, groove-joint and slip-joint pliers; open-end, combination and offset ring wrenches; slogging open wrench and slogging ring spanners; striking tools; socket wrenches; pipe wrenches; adjustable wrenches; chain wrenches; pipe cutters; wedges; punches; chisels; wrecking bars; pinch-bars; screwdrivers; shovels; customized tools; and many more.
Carltsoe Safety Tools’ non-sparking hand tools for Ex zones are made from special non-sparking copper-beryllium alloy and special aluminum-bronze alloy. Each tool is available in one of two materials: copper-beryllium (which provides the best mechanical properties) or beryllium-free aluminum-bronze.
Forged non-sparking tools for Ex zones
Most of Carltsoe Safety Tools' products are forged rather than cast, guaranteeing maximum tensile-strength. Our non-sparking tools are ideal for maintenance work in hazardous (Ex ATEX zones) industrial environments. Our high-quality non-sparking safety tools manufactured in copper-beryllium alloy can reach hardness at 42HRC and tensile strength-break at 1,300N/mm². Our aluminum-bronze alloy can reach hardness at 35HRC and tensile strength-break at 800N/mm².
Drop-protected hand tools for working at heights
Carltsoe Safety Tools is continually developing new product lines. Hand tools are one of the most common sources of dropped-object incidents. A dropped object incident can cause serious harm to people, damage equipment, cause downtime and result in damage to a company's reputation.
Our drop-protected hand tools have been designed to prevent dropping when working at heights. By properly securing the hand tools to a fixed point or person, dropped-object incidents can be prevented. We focus on the development of simple, safe and reliable methods for securing hand-held tools when working at heights.
Carltsoe Safety Tools delivers secured tools ready and safe to use, designed to enable user freedom / product functionality. All lightweight Carltsoe drop-protected tools are assembled as standard with a securing ring weak link.
Titanium medical hand tools
Titanium is the choice of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), NMR, bio-medical, diagnostic imaging, PET-CT and high-tesla magnet manufacturers because it is non-ferrous and therefore, non-magnetic. It also provides excellent resistance to corrosion, a superior strength-to-weight ratio, superior erosion resistance, and high heat transfer efficiency.
Carltsoe’s non-magnetic titanium tools are ideal for use in strong magnetic fields (MRI), thanks to their anti-magnetic behaviour and non-ferrous properties. Carltsoe’s titanium tools are also designed to be used around sensitive magnetic equipment (including scanners, de-mining and disarming) where parts made of magnetic materials might cause disturbances. Carltsoe’s tools are also suitable for being sterilized in autoclaves.
1,000V double-insulated tools
Carltsoe Safety Tools can supply a complete range of VDE safety tools for live line working, which work in conditions up to 1,000V. All of our VDE safety tools with dipped coated handles have double safety insulation: inner insulation – yellow, outer insulation – red.
This special safety function has been introduced to identify when a tool has been damaged or used under extreme working conditions. If some of the yellow insulation is visible, the tool is no longer safe.
Industrial air-powered tools
Carltsoe Safety Tools offers a wide range of air-powered tools, which are approved for use in Ex ATEX zones.

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