Carboline offers a complete line of protective coatings for the onshore-offshore oil and gas industry. With extensive case histories and an established network of associates and certified professionals, Carboline has operations in over 90 countries, providing an extensive global service. And with products that have earned the reputation for proven performance at every level, Carboline is often recognised as the benchmark for high performance in the protective coatings industry.
In Australia and New Zealand, Altex Coatings has the exclusive licence to manufacture and distribute Carboline coatings. Altex has over 55 years' experience in the heavy-duty protective coatings market. An ISO 9001 registered company, Altex recently gained internationally recognised ISO 14001 accreditation.
Carboline's flagship technologies and brands are as follows.
Atmospheric protection coatings
Carboline's range of atmospheric protection coatings includes: Carbozinc, Carboguard, Carbomastic, Carbothane, Carboxane, Carbocrylic and Carbocoat.
In the Zinc range, Carbozinc 11, a solvent-based inorganic primer, and Carbozinc 11WB, a self-curing water-based inorganic primer with zero VOC, are two solid time-tested performers both with high zinc loading for outstanding corrosion protection of steel substrates. Carbozinc 11 has been the industry standard for high-performance inorganic zinc protection on steel structures worldwide.
Tank linings
Carboline offers a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, chemically resistant tank linings for a wide variety of services. These include: Bitumastic, Phenoline, Plasite, Polyclad and Reactamine.
High-temperature coatings
Carboline manufactures high-temperature coatings, offering a range of heat-resistant primers and finishes for continuous exposure from ambient to 1,200°F. This product range includes Thermaline (under insulation, high heat exposure).
Secondary containment coatings
Carboline manufactures a wide variety of high-performance, chemically resistant products that are suitable for light to extreme heavy-duty applications for concrete protection in abusive environments. This range of secondary containment coatings includes Carboline's Semstone concrete systems, which are engineered systems with broad chemical resistance.
Fireproofing coatings
Carboline's range of fireproofing coatings includes Pyrolite, Pyrocrete, Thermo-Lag and Thermo-Sorb.
Thermo-Lag (intumescent fireproofing), a solvent-based, single-component thin coating, is applied by normal airless spray to give up to 2hr of fire protection on all types of steel sections. It is suitable for internal and external steelwork.
Global provider of protective coatings and associated services
Globally, and locally in Australia and New Zealand, Carboline and its associates offer a full custom specification service, as well as corrosion audits relating to protective coatings. Other services available are a 'service to first maintenance prediction analysis' and quality assurance training. Carboline provides engineered solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, low-risk solutions for high-risk environments, providing excellent protection in the challenging oil and gas sectors.

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