Canadian Seabed Research Ltd.


Canadian Seabed Research Ltd. is a company of professional geophysicists, hydrographers and geologists who
provide engineering and environmental services. Our team provides a complete marine survey solution that includes:
positioning, hydrographic surveying, seafloor imaging, subbottom profiling, geotechnical analyses, reporting and mapping.
In addition to maintaining a full complement of modern survey equipment, we firmly believe it is the experience and expertise
of our hard working team that yields the highest standards of quality and reliability for our clients.
Marine services offered: Surface/Sub-Sea Navigation and Positioning; Geo-Hazard Site Surveys; Cable and Pipeline Route Surveys; Swath Multibeam Collection and Processing; Hydrographic Surveys; Coastal Erosion and Sediment
Transport Studies; Depth to Bedrock; Oceanographic Measurement and Modelling; Seabed Foundation Surveys; Ice Scour Hazard and Modeling Surveys; Geomatics and Data Compilation Services.

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