Blackhawk Specialty Tools


Tomorrows Ultra Deepwater cement manifold technology today; Blackhawk provides top grade heavy weight remote control swivel (rotating) flow around cement head manifolds that launch darts (without deforming fins), hard rubber 6-5/8" and foam NERF 8" wiper balls, plugs, foam wiper plugs, etc. with a premium tattletale (flag sub) both in mechanical models and self reset LED; also the heads are capable of launching trip activation balls; 15M psi, 2 million US lbs rated working loads, Lite Torc Kelly safety valves (aka TIW) with dart friendly funnels, High Prssure hoses (Drill-Flex); side entry subs, pump in subs, heavy weight handling/landing pup joints, hard to find crossovers, torque services (bucking up to 160,000 ft lbs & breakout 200,000 ft lbs); hydrostatic test of deepwater drill assemblies, and much, much more