Beerenberg is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of competence, services and products within the fields of surface treatment, fire proofing, insulation, architectural works and outfitting, access technologies, decommissioning, and related engineering and inspection services. Having worked in 22 countries around the world, the company is truly international and has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.
Through subsidiaries in Russia, the US and Kazakhstan, Beerenberg's expertise is being transferred into new geographical areas. The company has established an office in Houston from which activities in the Gulf of Mexico and in Brazil are coordinated.
Offshore surface treatment, fire proofing, insulation and engineering services
Beerenberg's aim is to become the most sought-after partner worldwide for surface treatment, fire proofing, insulation, architectural work and outfitting, access technologies, decommissioning, and related engineering services within the oil and gas industry.
Patented insulation products for offshore fire protection
Beerenberg focuses strongly on research and development. In close cooperation with customer and suppliers alike, the company has developed several patented insulation products that are marketed under the brand name "Benarx". The product range now contains 13 different products, with the Benarx F epoxy cable tray, and Benarx F epoxy box flange as the latest newcomers.
Patented epoxy boxes for offshore fire protection
Beerenberg’s Benarx F epoxy cable tray and Benarx F epoxy box flange bring the Benarx series' patented epoxy boxes into new usage areas, by combining existing technology with new features meeting demands from customers.
The patented technology of the epoxy boxes makes the epoxy mass expand in case of a fire, creating a tight barrier between the fire, the area around it and the units that have to be protected. These user-friendly solutions ensure robustness and the prevention of corrosion under the insulation.
Specialist offshore engineering and inspection services
Beerenberg offers specialist engineering services within surface treatment, fire proofing, scaffolding, architecture and insulation. The company is equipped to take on projects throughout their lifecycle, including the construction, maintenance and modification phases.
As a supplier of niche expertise, Beerenberg contributes to developing cost-effective and maintenance-friendly solutions that satisfy the highest expectations regarding quality and safety.
Certified inspection personnel
Beerenberg’s inspection work is carried out according to the company's own and highly recognised quality standards. We employ more than 100 certified FROSIO inspectors.
Multidisciplinary offshore services
Experience shows that multidisciplinary activity in Beerenberg's business line can increase both effectiveness and profitability. Beerenberg is one of the largest multidisciplinary companies in Europe. Today it has more than 1,900 employees – a number that is steadily increasing.
Beerenberg is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2000 (quality management) and NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management) standards.

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