Aspen Technology, Inc.


Aspen Technology, Inc. provides industry-leading software and implementation services to the Oil and Gas industry, enabling its customers to reduce lift costs, increase their operating margins and optimize their return on capital employed (ROCE).
The Aspen Oil and Gas Solution provides companies with an integrated offering that combines engineering, process simulation, manufacturing and supply chain applications that have been proven over many years of use in the industry. This offering also integrates with existing proprietary and third-party software to create powerful, configurable, asset-wide solutions within operating companies? existing engineering, operating and business workflows.
AspenTech?s solution is scalable and enables the creation of integrated enterprise-wide systems providing the Oil and Gas industry with the capabilities required to dramatically improve operating performance.
These capabilities include:
? Reservoir Process Integration
? Field Planning
? Production Optimization
? Asset Decision Support
? Net Present Value (NPV) Calculations
Over 1,500 leading companies rely on AspenTech's software every day to drive improvements across their most important engineering and operational processes. AspenTech's Oil and Gas customers include: BP, BHP, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, ENI-AGIP, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Shell Operating Company, SINOPEC, Woodside Petroleum and Yukos. For more information, visit

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