Apollo Marine Lie Gambia Co Ltd is a Limited Liability Company registered in the Gambia for Import & Export General commodities and General Ship Chandler Supplier Services.
Our company was founded in 2005 with a very simple mission statement in mind to offer the best quality products at the lowest possible price. Ship chandler has been our core business for over 10 years.We Specializes in offering innovative and uncompromising solutions for your boat using the highest quality marine products & Services. Our company Has a large range of products from the well stocked chandler y.
Fresh & Chilled
• Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
• Fresh Local Meat, Poultry, Seafood and fishes
• Dairy Products, Cheese and Eggs
• Pastries, Sweets and Desserts
• Beef, Pork, Mutton Meat Cuts & Preserves
• Frozen Fruits and vegetables
• Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries
• Condiments, Sauces & Spices
• Rice, Flour, Grains and Pulses
• Dried Fruits and Nuts
• Milk and Milk Products
• Canned Meat, Fish, Fruits & Vegetables
• Oils and Fats
Asian & Specialties
• Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Others , covering a wide range spices, vegetarian, sweets, and preserves from the world cuisine
Beverages & Bonded Stores
• Juices, Soft Drinks, Beers and Wines
• Assortment of Chocolates, Biscuits, Nuts and Chips

Our company expanded its business into Clearing & Forwarding/Import & Export General Commodities,We Export Cashew nuts/Agribusiness/metal scrap/Timber/Wood/plywood/Aluminum/copper/dried,fresh Vegetables/dried fruits/frozen seafood/seeds/ etc.
We import sun flower cooking oil,refined sugar,Ship ropes PP,cigarette,Juices,household items,automobile,funitures,building materials,used papers etc.Our company strive for culinary and services,excellence has become our trademark and the cornerstone of our success.
We are proudly servings the worlds finest vessels at Gambia port Authority.