Algarve Drilling & Training Consultants


We continue to understand the industry and work 'hand in hand? with our consultants and clients in both mature fields and emerging frontiers exceeding their expectations for safety and adding value for efficiency. All of Algarve Drilling & Training Consultants strive for perfection through dedication and delivering expertise to the drilling industry. Algarve Drilling Consultants is the right choice to teach your crews to work in a safe & efficient manner.

As a result of the rapidly expanding rig fleet, both onshore and offshore, we recognize a shortfall of drilling professionals to assist contractors and operators, start up new rigs or new operations in a safe and competent manner, due to a global shortage of experienced personnel at the rig site. The goal of Algarve Drilling & Training Consultants is to provide a professional service to deliver competent drill crews to our clients in order for our industry to continue to grow in a safe and economic manner.

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