Albright Project Services


Albright Project Services provide inspection and engineering services to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries throughout Asia and the Middle East. Our specialist knowledge of the industry and our high safety and quality standards make Albright a leader in our field.
Inspection and quality control personnel
We provide a wide range of inspection and quality control personnel to suit most project disciplines, including but not limited to onshore and offshore pipeline construction, fabrication and maintenance, plant inspection, vendor and expediting. Our services can be tailored to meet the requirements of both offshore and onshore projects.
Clients may select the level of inspection and supervision to suit the requirements of a particular project. This may include a complete inspection team to supervise all stages of a particular project or individual inspection personnel to cover a particular activity.
All our inspection and engineering personnel have industry recognized qualifications and have to undergo a rigorous selection process prior to been recommended to our clients.
We understand to importance of providing local services on a global basis incorporating international standards. We provide inspection and engineering services for the following activities.
Quality management
We endeavour to meet the all quality objectives of all our clients and carry out regular assessments of the performance of all our personnel to ensure our client’s quality objectives will be implemented. We encourage and assist inspection and engineering personnel to acquire and maintain industry recognized qualifications.
Offshore fabrication inspection, supervision and auditing services
Albright Project Services provide inspection, supervision and auditing services during the fabrication of offshore platforms, jackets, top sides and FPSOs and during offshore construction, installation, hook-ups, pre-commissioning and maintenance, as well as cathodic protection surveys on jacket legs, risers and well head conductors.
Pipeline construction quality control
Complete quality control and inspection services for onshore and offshore pipeline projects are also available. Our services include pipe mill inspection, coating inspection, and receipt and dispatch of pipes and pipe laying inspection activities.
Cathodic protection surveys of buried pipelines and other services can be provided.
Pipe mill and steel mill inspection and supervision
Inspection and supervision of all mill activities can be provided to ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable standards, codes and specification and to ensure that material is available as required by the project. Our services include drill pipe and casings.
Albright Project Services provide pipe and pipeline coating inspection. Cathodic protection surveys of buried pipelines and other services can also be provided.
Pipe coating inspection
Albright can offer wide range of inspection in the following areas:

Internal lining inspection
External coating inspection
Concrete weight coating
Anode inspection
Laboratory testing surveillance

Onshore fabrication and plant inspection
Albright Project Services provide inspection and engineering services during construction of petrochemical plants and refineries, including structural assessments of foundations, columns, skids, etc. In-service inspection of piping, pressure vessels, tanks, and pipelines heat exchangers can also be provided.
Procurement surveillance
Audit and surveillance of vendors during the manufacture of project equipment and material to ensure compliance with the required codes, standards and specifications can be provided by the company. This includes inspection of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment at manufacturers’ works for use within the petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.
Project management and engineering services
Clients can select either individual services or a combination of services to suit the specific needs of a particular project. We can assist with the selection of contractors, suppliers and associated services. This includes auditing of contractors’ facilities to ensure compliance with recognized standards and evaluation of their capabilities to meet project requirements.

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